El33tonline: My Fitness Coach Review (Wii)

With an ever increasing amount of Wii titles designed to get you off the couch, it's no wonder that developers thought to make a proper exercise game for the Wii. After all, there are a couple of advantages of exercising in the comfort of your own home – no gym membership is required, more than one family member or friend can use the exercise game and you don't have to invest in gym clothes or be subjected to the scrutiny of more health conscious people at the gym.

My Fitness Coach is more of an exercise programme than an actual game. Unlike Wii Fit the game does not make use of the Balance Board, but the aerobics DVD-like structure comes off feeling a bit more serious than Wii Fit does, with the added benefit of being able to customise your workout and track your progress. Of course, without the Balance Board to check the accuracy of your movements, you can cheat the game somewhat but more on this later.

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