New Ace Attorney game unveiled, first screens and trailer

Capcom has revealed that a new Ace Attorney game will be making its way to North America and Europe this winter.

Titled Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, the game sees players assuming the role of prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, longtime rival of Phoenix Wright, and takes gameplay out of the courtroom and into the crimescene. Edgeworth investigates crime scenes, solving puzzles and working with the police to solve the case.

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CDbiggen3489d ago

English has never looked so good XD. Seriously though, glad to hear it's coming to the west, i had my doubts.

locos853489d ago

So will we go against Phoenix Wright or will this be when Phoenix had already lost his license?

Redempteur3489d ago

will appear in this game .. the star is edgeworth only .. no need to put other characters in the game ..except other prosecutors like F Von Karma...

the best you'll have will be maybe some references

Lucreto3489d ago

I was happy to see Franziska von Karma was in the game. But you can't beat Gumshoe.