PixelJunk 1-4 Naming Contest & Trailer

pj4namingcontest: "PixelJunk1-4 Naming Contest !! We are holding a worldwide contest to find a name for PixelJunk1-4. Check out the site below and enter the contest!! PixelJunk"

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TheHater3395d ago

But I need to play the game to determine if I like the game play or not. But I really fricken love the art style.

WildArmed3395d ago

wow. yeah.
This game is gonna be better than the previous 2 PJ games.
and that means alot!

(f u Akira)

-EvoAnubis-3395d ago

I'm digging the art style too....looking forward to playing this one!

Although I guess it should have a name first.....

Omegasyde3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

This game just looks like Blaster Master meets Eden.

Blaster Master was the $^%$#^$# though. Loved that game.

NNNW3395d ago

catch the "what are you sinking about?" reference to the German commercial? haha

rockleex3395d ago

I think I have the best name for this game. But I'm not telling you guys! >:D

But... too bad they don't give you the game for free for winning. :(

Chubear3395d ago

the beat for the BG music is the bomb! lol I love it.

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jack_burt0n3395d ago

PJ games is the learning curves, could have quite happily finished eden but it suddenly becomes throw the controller hard which killed the fun for me..

Omegasyde3395d ago

Yea that level that switch gravity was effin difficult.

I couldn't get past it with having to collect all 5 of the spectra so now that game collects virtual dust ;)

Awookie3395d ago

They recently patched it and it is alot easier (but still hard) if you haven't played it lately.

Chubear3395d ago

Well, Q games are known for their sadistic difficulty levels so kinda a trade mark with them at this point.

All their games seem very innovatively appealing. Some may not be for me but I can still appreciate them. PJ Racers was not big for me and PJ Eden just wasn't my kinda thing but PJ Monsters is like crack to me and I may just give this one a go to it seems.

Need to know more about it but it looks appealing so far.

Storm233395d ago

These games are awesome. I didn't expect it to be like this, but I am a fan of Q Games so I have faith it will be good. Looks like it could be really fun.

NewYork2143395d ago

you'd think they'd at least give the game to the person who wins the contest when it releases lol. i cant come up with one good name though so doesn't really matter to me.

game looks interesting but gotta try the demo first. seems good but looks like it might get a little boring.

Omegasyde3395d ago

I thought they were working on a game which was similar to how Gauntlet was back in the day....

Might pass on this, too many 2d shooters already on PSN/XBL.

rockleex3395d ago

You gotta use the environment and other strategical stuff too.

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The story is too old to be commented.