Final Fantasy XIII runs in 1080p

Those who have their hands on the Final Fantasy XIII demo, which came bundled with the special edition Advent Children Complete, have been reporting an interesting aspect of the game.

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KionicWarlord2223516d ago

well..thats interesting it does that on ps3 demo.But i do agree with think : how many disc for xbox 360? Im still think it will be 4 or 5.

mint royale3516d ago

Its a shame many people are ignoring this just because it is coming on the 360 too it will be a fantastic game.

It seems the ps3 will still have the definitive version especially considering the disc situation you pointed out.

Bebedora3516d ago

No matter what resolution it's in, I have a hard time to believe this iteration of FF will be any better than the last one.

WildArmed3516d ago

FF series has lost its touch since they went off with X-2.
I hope XIII brings 'back the magic' in FF games.
Been playing them since childhood, never let a FF game go ... but im losing faith in da series.
SQ has 2 chances left to win me back:
both games look interesting.. but.. time will tell

FamilyGuy3516d ago

Nice, click page 1 at the bottem of the article and you'll find 6 screen shots.
Very nice 1080p backgrounds

Bebedora3516d ago

I am all with you on what you are saying. I really dont know what happened, but I miss Uematsu and the character driven stories. I will probably buy it. Here's hoping it will turn out as good as a FF game should be.

3516d ago
Why dis3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

1.1 is making things up. No one is ignoring this, 360 gamers know JRPG's need more discs. No one cares its a fucin stupid thing to boast or bash. The gameplay is not 1080p and don't come crying when the 360 version has sharper gameplay etc.

lord_of_balrogs3516d ago

Let me just say this. Anyone who says 10 disks is a retard. Blu-ray can hold 48 Gig dual layer after security, a normal dvd only 7 Gig due to stupid 2 Gig security. So that means that FF13 will be maxed at 48 Gigs. Now simple division children. 48/7=6.8 This means FF13 on the 360 can have a maximum on 7 disks. Glad we cleared this up.

WildArmed3516d ago

um.. it doesn't work that way.
Although I am stictly against the idea of 360 having soo many discs. (i'm betting around 4), the way you do ur math doesn't take account into the 'common' files that will be present on every disc.
The render for characters and such that will be present on all discs. So if ur gonna do it that way, you might be able to pull out a bigger no. than 10 discs.
While the Blu-ray version on the game will only have those files once, if the game is divided in the DVDs (assuming its larger than 7gigs) then DVD will have quite a huge chunk just dedicated to the common files (ex. world maps/characters/town loadouts.. since FF is a RPG, u can visit any town anytime u want.. atleast i assume so) that do not change whether you are in the beginign of the game or the end.

PirateThom3516d ago


On 1 disc, everything like audio, textures and character data can be reused across the entire game, when it's split into multiple DVDs, every single reused texture, piece of speech, piano chord has to be put on the next DVD as well.

FOXDIE3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Will the 360 play the game in 1080p?

And of course, what if SE wanted to use a 100gb bluray disc?

gaffyh3516d ago

@1.2 - Well this game at least looks better than FFXII, just because i is turn-based. Whether it is actually good I dunno, cos FFX-2 was turn based, but it was still crap

Bebedora3516d ago

If the battlesystem is implemented well, I have no beef with it being RT or AT battles. You read me wrong there.

7thNightvolley3516d ago

how many disc would the 360 need. well if its to run as the ps3 version on 1080p it would need more space due to the high resolution which =more disc. so are they going to downscale it to 720p and use the 360 internal upscaler to push it to a 1080p? but it would be false and another questions is would it look like the ps3 version. So many issues i see SE trying to sort out for the white box. maybe they can develop some special disc the DVD drive can read that would be able to contain this huge game. i remember reading an article here where a university found a way to make a DVD take up to 100 more stuff than it could with the method of writing i dont know the specifics.. anyway.. well.. i believe this is a big issue.

SaiyanFury3516d ago

Truth be told, I'm undecided on FFXIII. The last one I really enjoyed was FFXII. It was the first game since FF8 that I was really able to get into. FFX wasn't so hot in my opinion nor was FFX-2. Both games were not bad by any means but they just didn't appeal to me as an RPGamer. I watched the trailer of FFXIII on my PS3 and I saw a sterile, colourless world similar to an FPS game. That's not what I associate with a JRPG. I usually look for rich colours and a more organic environment. Not to mention that everyone was using guns. Again, not something I associate with JRPGs. In FF8, guns were present, but the characters used more traditional weapons like a whip, ranged attack weapon like Rinoa's, fists (Zell) and so on. In FFXII I know the battle system didn't speak to a lot of players. The game spoke to me as a big fan of Final Fantasy Tactics. The same world, similar music, even the same font was used. That aesthetic spoke to me and I loved every minute of FFXII. I'm hoping FFXIII has a more organic approach and not so militaristic. I guess time will tell.

LJWooly3516d ago

Remember it was just a demo, we can't be absolutely certain. For instance, anyone who played the Skate 1 demo for PS3 and then bought the game will know that the demo outperformed the game quite a bit in framerate. Could be the same case here.

Although, I do doubt it, given the amount of work seemingly put into this game... might be the first Final Fantasy I bother buying in a rather long time...

bnaked3516d ago

Its Sony's plan, they are knowing, that FF13 will be only possible in all that quality on the PS3..

FF13 will show the superiority of the PS3! Thats Sony's plan, thats why FF13 is not exclusive!

Think about it..

Lifendz3516d ago

Not trying to spam because I only own a PS3. But honestly, going back to FFVII, FFIV, and FFX, I remember seeing the "insert disc 2" and feeling a sense of accomplishment. So if 360 guys have to change discs I'm sure it won't be such a big deal to them.

My thing is I don't want the PS3 version getting gimped or delayed for the 360 version. Unfortunately, that's what is happening. I have to wait for them to make the game for 360 so it can launch simultaneously. That's BS.

ANd it's not like GTA4 because GTA4 was never announced as being an MS only game. It was never planned to come out solely for the 360. So 360 owners having to wait for the PS3 version to be done is completely different.

Swiftfox3516d ago

I felt the same way, however, when I played Final Fantasy VII or any of the multi disc games for that matter, I never had to insert a previous disc to go to area's that I've already been to. (As was the case with Star Ocean 4)

Imagin breeding chocobo, inserting disc 1 to get the good ones you need, then inserting disc 2 to get the greats, finally disc 3 for the Wonderfuls. All the while continually going back to disc 1 to race them, then back to 3 to buy the appropriate nuts. That would have been hell.

This would be my genuin fear for Final Fantasy XIII or ANY RPG this generation.

Lifendz3515d ago

Wow. Is that what's happening on 360 with disc swapping? I had no idea. If it's like that then yeah, that's a major pain in the A.

specialguest3515d ago

That's just dumb logic. Last I checked, FF7 and 8 never sucked and it had multiple disc.

Trebius3515d ago

It would just be heartbreaking if one of the 6 discs(or 10 whatever the case may be) got lost or scratched or who knows what. Then the game is pretty much a loss and youd have to repurchase...cant just buy disc 4 of a game.

I'm sure the PS3 version will be the definitive version, but at least both systems get to enjoy the game.

heroicjanitor3515d ago

Blu-rays are damn hard to scratch, I used to have some little scratches on my ps2 games but I can't find any on my ps3 ones. Still if I had both consoles I would get the ps3 one out of convenience, and if I had only a 360 I couldn't really complain, I'd be glad to be getting the game at all.

player9113515d ago

Actually Blueray doesn't work that way either. Because of the super slow read times, developers have to place common files in multiple places across the disc or require a download to the system.

So character skins, common files, etc are duplicated on a Blueray disc as well unless they require a download. This is the reason why downloads are more common on PS3.

Now with that logic, SE could also require common files be downloaded on the 360 as well... but with some 360's lacking in that department I don't think will happen.

CaseyRyback_CPO3515d ago

The PS3 version will not use the entire bluray disc. Because the 360 version simply doesn't have the capacity. And I doubt they want to ship 8 discs.

The reason ps3 fans are pissed that the 360 is hopping in on the fun is because it means that we wont get a kz2 amazing AAA experience with never before seen visuals and bar raising performance. No, we are going to have to settle for whatever the 360 can handle, which isn't much in terms of KZ2/true FF13. The game will be fine im sure, but its not going to be what was promised from square about maxing out spu's and all of that. The 360 simply cant do it, and hasn't been proven to do it.

The only saving grace for me is knowing that square isn't the square of yesteryear, there are going to be better rpg's made specifically for the ps3. I don't own a ps3 to buy games that are limited when i know its proven to do more. Outside of nostalgia, squares performance as a developer has been terrible this gen.

I hope im wrong, but multiplatform development has to focus on the weakest link. I'll be happy if they fully make the 100% 1080p ps3 version w/bluray disc. then make a 360 version after that.

phosphor1123515d ago

Omg, you guys actually know wtf you guys are talking about. Everytime I've mentioned that I got disagrees. lol.


@Player911 (1.24)
That is actually incorrect. BD 2x read speed averages are faster than DVD 12x averages. Yes DVD has a faster max speed, but they average out in BD's favor (and yes it IS BD [Bluray Disc]).

The time for the laser to move the laser from the inside to out (or vice versa) is less than a half of a second. Which is about the same time for the BD Player to move the laser if the resources were on multiple spots of the BD. So having the resources multiple times on 1 disc is pointless, a waste of money, and just plain f*cking stupid.

DNAgent3515d ago

I'm ignoring the game because of the 360 version. I don't care for playing gimped RPGs especially when it's a company who takes quantity over quality. On top of that, it's a turn-based game and to me those games are boring. I want real-time RPGs (unless they are strategy based). None of the 3 FF13 games are even on my radar and I won't be playing any of them either. The only RPG I am looking forward to is White Knight Chronicles because I know that it has a good team behind it and the king of RPGs (Level 5) is working on it.

Also, if Persona 5 comes out on the PS3 as well as Dark Cloud 3 then I will be interested in those as well. I don't care for Square-Enix games.

stevenhiggster3515d ago

From what I've heard the PS3 version will be completed before they even start on the 360 version so the PS3 version wouldn't be 'gimped' because of the 360. So don't worry about that.

Sarcasm3515d ago

"Because of the super slow read times,"

Here we go again with the read times.

Blu-ray is like a 50 mile track and the read time is like a super mini cooper doing 500 mph.

A DVD is something like 10 miles, with a nascar stock car doing 500mph.

Of course, it will take the blu-ray longer because of the longer track time, even with the smaller car, but it's the same speed.

Now I explained it in 2nd grader term. I hope people will stop with the "OMG Blu-Ray is only 1x disc speed!!!"

All-33515d ago

PlayStation Portable senior marketing manager John Koller said:

"There's no question the biggest weakness is related to porting games from other platforms. Publishers are concerned about the size of UMD because they can't cram a DVD game on to it."

Award-winning developer and Castlevania series creator Koji Igarashi, whose experience spans numerous platforms, including upcoming PSP title Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, highlights what he sees as a key disadvantage of the format. "The slowness of the seeking speed of UMD is a weakness," he states, "The [...] loading speed becomes a big problem for UMD."


Even Sony has issues with a disc capacity in one of their own products... and the Blu-ray drive in the PS3 also suffers from --> slow read times, much like that of the UMD format.

phosphor1123515d ago are comparing the PSP to PS3?

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Why o why3516d ago

how many 1080p rpgs are out there. I must say im impressed. I wonder what 'vs' will be

pwnsause3516d ago

white knight story is a 1080p native game.

sukru3516d ago

The previous SE games on 360 looked, frankly, very bad. I hope they can keep up their promises making both versions comparable.

The best looking RPG I saw on so far on 360 was Lost Odyssey. I don't think it was 1080p, yet it came in 4 (yep four) discs.

bnaked3516d ago

Only the cut szenes in FF13 are running in 1080p.. Gameplay is in 720p..

raztad3515d ago

Game doesnt run in 1080p. Only the cgi intro :(. Nothing exciting here.

It seemed so strange as first, cause I remember another article where Kitase said they were maxing out the PS3 and game was suppose to run at 720p. In that moment I didnt believe they were maxing the ps3 out in any way and I still dont.

orakga3515d ago

Yep, I noticed it too... The cutscenes were too crisp to be running at 720p, but as soon as it switched to the real-time rendered portions, the game immediately started to give off that "upscaled" look. So I agree with what bnaked said.

But this actually means that the 360 version may not require 8-10 discs like some of us have been speculating.

All they need to do is downscale the FMVs in the 360 version to 720p (or lower!), and they can cut down the size of the cutscene files by 50-70%. Assuming that the PS3 version needs 45GB, and that the "gameplay files (some of which would be common files)" require 10 Gigabytes or so, we're looking at shrinking the FMV files from about 35GB down to 15GB or so. In other words, SE could instantly shrink the total game size from 45GB to 25GB by downscaling JUST the FMVs.

And that's something they can easily fit onto 4 DVD9 discs, EVEN with common files. 4 discs? I think that's reasonable. 720p FMV? Also reasonable. Still, the PS3 version would undoubtedly be better if you own a 1080p TV.

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Hiruma Youchi3516d ago

lets just hope the X360 Version is Also in 1080p and not a Fake one with the black bars and all that.

Erratic3516d ago

The 360 can upscale any game, so you might get fake, but not fake-looking with black borders, 1080p. I get the feeling those 1080p cgis will be getting a downgrade (720p) on the 360 though, as cgi and uncompressed audio takes up the most space on.

sukru3516d ago

Uncompressed audio is good, but at blu-ray level qualities (96KHz, 24bit, 7.1 ch) it requires ~8GB/hour. If they scale down the the videos, and compress the audio, the game will reduce at least to half of its size.

Audio compression is OK (there are very good codecs), however 720p videos could be a difference.

na2ru13516d ago

No way they will squeeze ANY 1080p CGI videos when trying to keep the amounts of disc at minimum.

This is 1 reason I got annoyed with Tekken going to 360. I loved my Tekken epilogues in prestine quality, not in fuzzy compressed quality like the intro to COD4.

Gambit073516d ago

It can run at 100800p for all I care, I just hope the game turns out good.

Nihilism3516d ago

lol, i think it's hilarious that a game that actually runs at 1080p is a story, because there aren't many games on the "uber consoles" you people flame about that do, omg so impressed that a game runs at 30 frames at 1100* 800 or some stupid resolution, pc gaming for the win, HAHAHAHA

onijutsu3516d ago

you sir have achieved all kinds of fail.

Why o why3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

more that the other consoles.....definitely and im not on about upscaling either. Anyway you fail . Why come to talk sh!t??

FamilyGuy3516d ago

and what size is the monitor you have for you oh so special pc gaming rig?
Likely 22 to 32 inches and from that I can tell you right now you arent seeing anything better than us console gamers playing 1080p games on our 40+inch 1080p tvs.

What a pointless argument. When you get a 60 inch monitor with a res higher than 1080p get back at me.

rambi803516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

i hereby dub thee "sir trollalot"

morganfell3516d ago

Is that game running at 2048X2048 before or after your PC Blue Screen of death, 5 driver upgrades for texture issues, 2 sound card upgrades, and how about that built in voice coms and friends list that comes with every PC game and works perfect. Yipeee!

Nihilism3516d ago

and how is that dipshit, list the ps3 games that run at 1080p native...hardly any, "ps3 is teh best", you are an idiot fanboy

sukru3516d ago

You'll probably never see FF XIII on the PC. Not now, not next year, not in the future.

You can have the best setup, and even hook it up to your big screen, however as long as you're lacking in the games department, it does not matter.

Nihilism3516d ago

yeah, i intend to buy a ps3 and ff13 for it ( one of the main reasons), but i just think it's funny how there are so few games running at 1080, despite all the fanboy hype as to ps3 vs 360, yes ps3 is better but why compare two types of mountain bikes when there are motorbikes for gaming (pc)

sukru3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

There is more to console games than resolutions, it generally is a better experience. Many reasons are out there, but what I can remember now are:

* Consoles just work, you put in your disc, and the game starts (OK, you need installs on PS3, and there is RROD on 360, but we're talking in general)
* There is only one hardware, so no need to wonder whether your system will be able to handle a game
* You can hook up more than one (4 on 360, 7 on PS3) controller and play with your friends in co-op or competitive mode (most PC games no longer support these kind of configurations, but I remember the good old days where you could race with your friends in split-screen)
* There are many console specific extras (360: integrated voice/text chat everywhere, in- or out-of-games. PS3: Home)
* Your savegames are not easily lost (and on 360 they are automatically backed up online).
* They are easy to carry around
* Used games do not depreciate in value as much as PC versions
* No viruses, invasive DRMs, install limits, etc

These are the ones that came to my mind right now.

Grown Folks Talk3515d ago

Because as soon as there is a game that's only for 360 & Windows, you'll be 1 of the 1st in here bragging about being able to play it on your pc.

Sarcasm3515d ago

Cars Mater-National = 1920x1080 (QAA)
Fifa Street 3 = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Full Auto 2 (demo) = 1920x1080 (4x AA)
GT5 Prologue (demo) = 1080p mode is 1280x1080 (2xAA) in-game while the garage/pit/showrooms are 1920x1080 with no AA.
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance = 1920x1080 (no AA)
MLB09: The Show = 1920x1080 (no AA)
NBA07 (demo) = 1920x1080 (no AA)
NBA08 (demo) = 1920x1080 (no AA)
NBA Street Home court= 1920x1080 (no AA)
Ridge Racer 7 (demo) = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Virtua Tennis 3 = 1920x1080 (2x AA)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune = 1280x720, 960x1080 in 1080p mode (2xAA)
World Series Of Poker 2008 = 1920x1080 (2xAA)
1942: Joint Strike = 1920x1080 (2xAA)
Blast Factor = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Calling All Cars (screenshot) = 1920x1080 (4x AA)
Commando 3 = 1920x1080 (2xAA)
Echochrome = 1920x1080 (2xAA)
Elefunk = 1920x1080 (4xAA)
Go Puzzle = 1920x1080
GTHD = 1440x1080 (no AA) - Vehicle selection is rendered at 1920x1080
High Velocity Bowling = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Locoroco Cocoreccho = 1920x1080 (2x AA)
Mainichi Issyo = 1440x1080 (4xAA)
Pixel Junk Monsters/Racers/Eden = 1920x1080
Rocketmen = 1920x1080 (2xAA)
Rub'a'dub = 1600x1080 (no AA)
Snakeball = 1280x1080 (no AA)
Stardust HD = 1280x1080 (no AA)
Sudoku = 1920x1080
Super Rub-a-Dub = 1600x1080
Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Warhawk = 1280x720 (4xAA)
Wipeout HD = dynamic-framerate-dependent 1080p framebuffer (1280x1080 to 1920x1080)
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 = 1920x1080 (2xAA)

Sure, a majority if PS3 games aren't 1080p. But they do exist.

Koroshiya_Keefu3515d ago

Dchalfont is out of his mind with insanity! Lol. Ha ha ha.

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