Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Too Big For WiiWare

Bad new for all Wii Fans, Capcom's recently announced title Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will not be released on Nintendo Wii.

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Darkiewonder3494d ago

The save on the SD still gets moved back to the Wii's flash memory it's not really running off the SD card.

Mini Mario3493d ago

"Marvel vs Capcom 2 is for the hardcore players, not casual wii gamers "

O yeh coz none of us "wii owners" own street fighter 4 on our ps3's or anything hey?? Fool

ArsArcanum3494d ago

Marvel vs Capcom 2 is for the hardcore players, not casual wii gamers

qface643494d ago

once again another dumb comment
i would have downloaded it for the wii if it was available but i don't really care since i have a ps3 and 3660 as well

EYEamNUMBER13494d ago

not all gamers on the wii are casual gamers

heck while im at it could you even define what a casual and hardcore player is?

ArsArcanum3494d ago

okok i see ur point

I'm just saying that gamers that only own a wii are more likely to be casual players

Gamers that own a wii + ps3 or wii + 360 or all 3, would more than likely not buy a wii version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 (due to the better upscaled version on the ps3 or 360, not to mention better controllers for the game)

therefore the game would not sell at all on the wii (thats my opinion anyway)

EYEamNUMBER13494d ago

i actually bought my wii first before i got a ps3 and i enjoyed it so much when i just had the wii only still do to this day

actually i would choose the wii version any day because after what capcom did to street fighter 2 the HD remix no thanks i don't wanna take another risk

i honestly preferred the original over the hd remix

Smacktard3494d ago


But... but... that's impossible! Because uh... HD Remix has better graphics than the original! so THEREFORE it is better! Duh.


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Corepred43494d ago

how the hell would they play it with the wii controller?! not everybody has a classic controller. are they gonna do an actual jumping uppercut for a shoryuken! lol

ChickeyCantor3494d ago

It could still be considered as VC game, so those want to play it would need a classic controller to begin with.

But its okai, i also have a Ps3 =D

N4g_null3493d ago

It's a Wiiware game and it could just get a straight port from the dreamcast if they wanted to. I'm wondering if this will even sell on the HD console after the beat down SF2 HD remix got.

I got my samshow down on a disk, my snk collections, and my SF VC games along with king of the fighter and guilty gear. I don't know but that's looking pretty hardcore to me.

Oh yeah you guys forget some of us have just a PC and Wii set up so that we can get the best of both worlds. The HD console are fine but I'm not getting one till they make some thing I want. I have them at work that is all I need.

Another thing is TvsC is better than that game any way.

VaeVictus3494d ago

Yet again. Guess you'll just have to go back to ravin rabbids or dishwashing mama.

SinnedNogara3493d ago

Yeah, I'll go back to MadWorld and Resident Evil 4. All kids under 4 play that *sarcasm*

If they increase the file limit and use the SD Card, I guess they can do it. What they need to do is have something to take all the Wii save data into the SD Card, and get Marvel vs. Capcom into the main Wii memory. I guess if they tricked it like that (maybe, IDK)

-Mezzo-3494d ago

Guys what up with all this wii sucks stuff, even though i am not a Wii fan but i certainly do not go on to say this/that console sucks.

Steve0073494d ago

This will never end, All this stupid stuff will be carried by stupid people to the next many Generations to come.

VaeVictus3494d ago

If the shoe fits, you have to wear it. I usually buy new games every couple of weeks, depending on release schedules or deals on used games. Whether I'm in Best Buy, Game Stop or Wal Mart, I will browse the video game selections of the two consoles I own (PS3, 360) to see if I can find a deal or a game I passed up on. Because I am one of "those people" who has owned every 'major console' released since the NES days, I look for a reason to buy a Wii.

I go down the Wii aisle and view the software offerings. It is a dismal, pathetic display of trash and shovelware. How this system continues to sell with it's paltry software is truly beyond me. I try to give it a chance, but it fails time and again.

SpoonyRedMage3494d ago

Well you're looking in the wrong place, go to Gamestop or any other Games shops you guys have(I'm English) and look there.

Walmart and stuff tend to just stock the casual stuff, it's the same here.

Smacktard3494d ago

VaeVictus: It has more good exclusives than the 360, anyways. What have you learned about judging a book by its cover? You can't just walk down an aisle and look at some box covers. You'll get the wrong idea. Go to metacritic and check out the games with good ratings, read up a bit about them, and then I'm sure you'll find out that "de Blob" isn't as casual and bad as you once thought.

VaeVictus3493d ago

I know you are smoking crack now. The Jaguar has better exclusives than the Wii. A box of crayons has better games than the Wii.

Face it, the Wii sucks. This is a case where judging a book by it's cover (software) is appropriate.

SinnedNogara3493d ago

The Jaguar had better games than the Wii?? Are you serious??

That is why the Jaguar failed (or one of the reasons). You are saying Alien vs. Predator is better than Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, MadWorld??

Get a brain.

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