PC version of SF IV will be Windows LIVE compatible

Let's get to it. First, the game will be Windows LIVE compatible. That means the Xbox 360 version's Achievements and downloadable content will be made available. Second, there's a possibility that the DLC might be handled differently -- Capcom is currently tossing around the idea of having one massive costume pack instead of several tiny ones. And lastly, GameSpot is reporting that the game will be a straight port of the console versions.

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Nihilism3192d ago

fu<k windows live, thats all i have to say

Nihilism3191d ago

wtf 3 bubbles when did that happen?

Baka-akaB3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

why is that news trying to sound like great news ?
I mean whats the point of being windows live compatible , if it cannot join 360 players ?

Trophies and $ dlcs ? Wow it could indeed only happens with live and steam lacks the technology for it :s

Feels like pc fans are getting punished for the dmc4 fiasco ... a straight port of a game basically developped on a pc , for a pc arcade , delayed with basically no advantage whatsoever .
Capcom sure can hold a grudge

a32903192d ago

So, I have to pay $ to unlock costumes on Pc Version too??

HDgamer3192d ago

Nope, it'll be cracked before the game is released on the pc.

Baka-akaB3192d ago

I'd like the phantom disagree to step up and educate us on the merits of that live compatibility and that pc straight port without upgrades whatsoever .
Since he obviously feel otherwise .
But i'm quite not expecting it , since it doesnt exist and was already silent

FantasyStar3192d ago

Oh take a chill pill. It's 1-disagree.

Baka-akaB3192d ago

Maybe you should too , was half joking and not even expecting a damn thing . Got nothing to do for a while besides posting while waiting on some stuff to finish lol

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