GamePro: Dead Rising 2 AV Presentation Preview

Read the transcript from the first-look unveiling of Dead Rising 2, presented by Dead Rising 2 executive producer and CEO/GM of Blue Castle Games Dan Brady as he walks GamePro through the new features in Capcom's Dead Rising 2.

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GiantEnemyCrab3487d ago

How many times is this guy going to say "western influence" it was the one thing this game DID NOT NEED. Also, the Zombie count was huge in the first game and it definitely wasn't a problem but this guy seems to think it was. I was just waiting for him to say "Bigger and More Bad Ass".

"Were from Canada so we thought we would add a moose head"

Ugh.... fail fail fail..

You fought so hard to get Frank out of the last game to completely throw him out just because you've decided to multiplatform wh0re this game completely sucks.

This WAS my most anticipated game on any platform. So sorry to see it heading to flop city..