Rumor: Sony's New Portable Is The PSP Go!

Kotaku writes: "Details of Sony's oft-rumored revision to its PlayStation Portable may have been leaked a little earlier than the company was expecting, as chatter of the PSP Go! appear to have leaked a few days early."


"1UP has published its story on the new PSP, indicating that the new, UMD-less hardware will ship this Fall in Japan and North America, with Sony bringing 100 PSP titles to the PlayStation Store. The site also has an artists' rendition of what the new PSP Go! may look like."

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InfectedDK3518d ago

Exciting. Could very well be the real deal.

steel213518d ago

the idea of flip out controls and larger screen sounds pretty great. For this to be a purchase I need to be able to rip my old UMD's onto the systems supposed internal memory.

Elven63518d ago

If their is a UMD rip feature it will probably revolve around the PS3 somehow.

heroicjanitor3518d ago

I hope it isn't actually called the PSP GO! though, but I can't think of a better name since I am knackered.

Tsar4ever013518d ago

No UMD drive, Touch screen, Sliding "LARGER" screen, Internal FLASH drive(*20/40GB I hope)& Dual analogs, I hope too.

BUT, BUILT-IN KE-PAD!? WTF!!? If the portable's gonna have TOUCH SCREEN capability. What the hell you need a built-in keyboard for!?
When the keyboard could just be ALL DIGITAL, The SHMUCKS!!

iamtehpwn3518d ago

PSP1 has such a GREAT library of Games coming out.

PeterGriffinSays3518d ago


vitz33518d ago

Like Sony would give Kotaku any real info.

Insomnia_843518d ago

I'll be happy with whatever they bring but that name, PSP Go! wtf???
That name sounds stupid!

PSP 4000, PSP2, that would be better.

Just my opinion anyway, who cares right?

meepmoopmeep3518d ago

that's not a bad design (artist concept)

DARKKNIGHT3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I was really expecting the new psp revision to look something like the "omnia hd pro".

anyways, you guys remember i said this psp would release with granturismo mobile?

guess what? rumor has it, it is.
GT Fans, our dreams have become true.

The_Zeitgeist3518d ago

That picture looks so fake.

Bob Dole3518d ago

Because an actual keypad doesn't turn the screen into a smudgy piece of sh1t.

RememberThe3573518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )


On topic: I like 1up's picture of it. I have the God of War PSP as well as a launch PSP so I'm not really looking to get this (in reality I'm just broke...), but I think this is the right direction for the hardware.

DoucheVader3518d ago

This is a week old.


1Up practically stole our photo. Jerks.

shadow27973518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

It looks a lot like Sev's concept, so this could actually be legit.

But if they're going to be getting rid of the UMD drive, why not make it a PSP2 instead? You could still release all those games for download and just have backwards compatibility.

I believe Sev's info said they weren't getting rid of the drive, and I'm inclined to believe that over this.

But if this is supposed to be a E3 surprise, all these insiders are kind of ruining Sony's conference by releasing info early. I would actually like to be surprised about stuff like this, and I think Sony would prefer that, too.

Edit: Okay, turns out Sev said they WERE getting rid of the drive. So basically, no new info. Either it's a rehash of Sev's, or it's further confirmation that it's legit. We shall see.

ThanatosDMC3518d ago

If it has a cellphone capability and you talk via bluetooth headset... wouldnt that be awesome?! I just hope it is supported by all the cellphone companies, well at least T-mobile for me.

I mean, wtf is the keypad for if they do have it? Not to mention with a 3G connection we would all be able to play online!

BWS19823518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I'm really taking some perspective on this, particularly this quote from the Playstation Lifestyle, if accurate/valid.... "the next PSP is NOT the PSP2, it’s not the PSP-4000 either. In fact it’s something entirely unique."

I don't know how, but it almost sounds like this is an alternate version of a PSP, it's not a PSP 4000 and not a PSP2, so that kind of rules out any sort of "successor" doesn't it? I'm not sure what to think then, if that is true. Solid state storage? Still curious about this one, I just hope I don't have to own 2 PSP's to play the 15 UMD game library I have now, but that might just happen (not like Nintendo didn't just F that up by omitting the GBA port on the DSi, which I'm NOT getting), I guess E3 shall tell all...

Ozzyb3518d ago

...though, but I can't think of a better name since I am knackered."

lol yeah, not feeling that name. But now I can wait for this instead of getting a 3000.

pwnsause3518d ago

"But if they're going to be getting rid of the UMD drive, why not make it a PSP2 instead? You could still release all those games for download and just have backwards compatibility."

because naming the portable a PSP2 means that there's a graphics upgrade or in other words, it has next-gen portable graphics. This rumored PSP doesnt do that, not to mention it doesn't have a touch screen nor a second analog stick, it all this was put into the PSP1 this late, there would be a lot of angry people rioting over this.

player9113518d ago

I have the PSP Go for a while now. I LOVE it. The design is amazing.

shadow27973514d ago

@ pwnsauce, I know you probably won't read this because it's a little late, but you missed my point.

If they're getting rid of the UMD drive, and putting all the old games and new games on the PSN, then they COULD have improved the graphics and added a second analog and made the PSP2 backwards compatible with those downloads. The PSP has already been through a 5 year cycle, a PSP2 is not a ridiculous sentiment. And they could still support the old PSPs as well. It's a win-win.

I understand that this is not the PSP2, but I think if they were going to spend money on R & D to make this thing possible, they should have just spent it making this thing a PSP2 instead of the PSP Alternate.

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dragunrising3518d ago

Same for me. First day buy. Not mentioned by speculated is an improved battery life and faster load times. No UMD drive will make it happen. I'm not concerned with the device being digital only. Games purchased through a PSN account are games you own forever.

meepmoopmeep3518d ago

i would like to buy one but yeah,
it's been a while i've even touched my psp.

hopefully they can get some great games onto the ps store.
like some ps1-2 games of yonder years.

The_Zeitgeist3518d ago

I don't think this is true. Everyone should just wait and see.

butterfinger3518d ago

You have to admit, this does sound pretty feasible. It definitely sounds more likely than most of the PSP rumors we hear. I'm pretty confident that we will hear something about this at E3 at least.

player9113517d ago

That design is horrible.

Christopher3517d ago

Not true about the 'forever' part. You get up to 5 downloads of the game. I'm guessing they'll either modify this to support unlimited downloads of games for PSP accounts or they'll implement a structure similar to what uses for their kindle. Whatever it takes for them to control it so that people can't just copy a game from one PSP to another.

dragunrising3517d ago

I was generalizing, but your right. PSN license management is very progressive in that 5 downloads are allowed. Live also is good for another reason. As long as M$ has your credit card, you have access to your digital goods. The perfect solution would be to combine both systems. There is no reason you should lose rights to games you paid for, no matter how long ago. This should be a given, especially sense the novelty of owning a physical copy isn't there. Hopefully, consumers will never lose their digital copy rights.

cliffbo3517d ago

nope you are both wrong. it's infinite downloads on the PS3 that the account is locked to and 4 more on PS3s you access through your account details

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Kevin McCallister3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I didn't even know Tekken and Soul Calibur were announced. I would never have thought that 4+ years into the PSP's lifespan, Gran Turismo Mobile still wouldn't be out. Can't wait until it is though.

sandip7873518d ago

sev mentioned "GO" earlier, i guess this was what he meant

Giriath3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Haha, you're right! That was such a vague hint, who would've guessed it was the name of the new PSP. :P

InfectedDK3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Actually I thought if it.
But then I realized it sounded kinda stupid, PSP GO!

EDIT: Under me, Giriath: Lol. That is correct.
Agreed, it may turn out as a catchy name for it.

Giriath3518d ago's catchy. I bet most people didn't think much of the Wii at first, but then!

-EvoAnubis-3518d ago

Yup. Exactly what we were refering to. I truly doubted anyone would have just figured it out. As I said in the comments for that article, I still think it's kinda dumb.

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Aclay3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I remember... this is one of the things Sev from Playstation Lifestyle hinted at about a week ago:

"We all know E3 is GOing to be filled with HEAVY announcements, potentially COLOSSAL......"

I guess that's what "GO" meant... referring to the PSP Go!
I'm definantly getting this. I swear Sony's trying to bankrupt us!

-EvoAnubis-3518d ago

That's exactly what we were talking about. I knew no one would get it until more info was available.