5 Actually Good XNA Games For $2.50 Apiece

Ryan Rigney of Blend Games has finished shoveling through the dingy depths of the XNA Community Games section of the XBox Live Marketplace and emerges with 5 gems that shone through the muck. Turns out, these gems are quite affordable!

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cyguration3520d ago

these games kick the crap out of professional XBLA titles?

RKRigney3520d ago

Most of them, yes. None of these are quite "Braid" quality, but Miner Dig Deep in particular is AMAZING. I couldn't believe the trial version was the entire game. I felt good when I paid for it anyway, though.

KionicWarlord2223520d ago

To me ? no.

But it may be possible in future.

There alot of interesting community games.

cyguration3520d ago

They kind of remind me of the PopCap/Reflexive line-up dialed down a notch.

RKRigney3520d ago

"The Youtube of Games" is an appropriate description of it. Virtual Console is the iTunes of games. That's the only thing I miss about selling my Wii.

cyguration3520d ago


Yeah, a bunch of noise with only a few good gems in between.

RKRigney3520d ago

Haha yup. The popularity of YouTube hasn't exactly translated to the games front, however.

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OldWizard3520d ago

Good article. Almost as high quality as Old-Wizard releases on a weekly basis (

cyguration3520d ago

That's shameless promotion at its finest!

RKRigney3520d ago

lol that comment sums up OW's approach to garnering readers. It DOES work, though...

Jinxstar3520d ago

The one thing I miss about my 360 is Carcasonne. Great XBLA game.

bardler3520d ago

I am loving this new content filter. Stuff on the front page actually worth reading!

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