17 Videogame Soundtracks Ahead of Their Time

There's no shortage of people who think "videogames" and "music" are two impossibly distant mediums. One is something you do to kill time, the other is the ultimate expression of the human spirit and emotion yank yank blah blah blah. Game music is every bit as moving, long-lasting and inventive as the so-called real deal.

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Snake Raiser3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I haven't heard anybody say that video game music isn't real music. Of course it is! MGS has some of the best music I have ever heard. I actually played a piece of music by (sorry, I suck at spelling names) Harry-Gregson Williams in the band at my old school.
Listening to some of this music.... its good, but so odd to hear now.
What is everybody's favorite video game music?