Top Ten Games That Should Be MMOs Managing Editor Jon Wood counts down the Top 10 video games that should be made into MMOs.

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The_Zeitgeist3517d ago

I have to take issue with this.

"Nobody does sports games as well as EA."

I know this isn't the biggest deal but the author must not play many sports games. The NFL 2K series was way better than Madden. Not to mention $30 cheaper.
The NBA 2K Series is also better.

As for the rest of the article. Bioshock seems like a very compelling idea. I would love to see it and GTA would be the ultimate.

Baka-akaB3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I dont see in wich field EA really bested everyone either , but i dont play us football or hockey games ...

evrfighter3517d ago

The only one that sounds like it would work would be age of empires online.

but a sports mmo?... would someone seriously enjoy playing the role of a kicker or a center?

dragunrising3517d ago

I didn't see Haloz?!

Who knows if it would have ever worked...

Good list

rockleex3517d ago

They even have a holiday for it!

Koreans also love MMORPGS!

What should Blizzard do? Satisfy all those Koreans' dreams!

Make an MMORPG Starcraft! >:D

ZuperAmazingCooKie3517d ago

I doubt it would be good as a MMO, but hey, I would love if it was.

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RememberThe3573517d ago

I would be surprised if that wasn't in development right now...

Torkith3517d ago

Hard to say, the developers have said time and time again they're not interested in making an Online Pokemon game. Don't get me wrong it would be amazing if they did make one (that was good of course) but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Myst3517d ago

I would like a never winter nights online, but then again I'd also like a ghost in the shell MMO to (Though it's more animish since it had a game I wonder if that would still count?)

Baka-akaB3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It would actually finally maybe , if done right , especially after the excellent tv serie's setting , be a good sci fi mmo (besides eve , the promising Kotor and superheros comics stuff) .

Would work with blade runner too

Myst3517d ago

Yeah, though I heard one is being produced but it's mainly a "Chibi" type of MMO which resembles that of Ragnarok in my opinion. Which is probably why I didn't count it, just wish it would be done right with hacking, cyberterrorism (Within the game of course) as well as the gun play and modeling of Tachikomas and even your own body. Whether to have it with machine parts or remain human.

Though at least their are some good ones on the horizon as well as out to fill that sci-fi genre some. Blade Runner would be a nice one to (just remembered what the movie was about) I'll never understand why this type of MMO itself has never been made. Basically a man machine interface type.

Baka-akaB3517d ago

What's even the purpose of their battlefield online idea ? Besides just making it a mmo for the sake of it and of the article ....

Their selection mostly sucks .

And FYI Neverwinter doesnt really need that either , that game featured persistants worlds for eons , only thing is was done on players pcs with their own set of rules and content . Did they even play Neverwinter ?

And again with left 4 dead ! Like battlefield it's already as online as it could be , whats the point ?

MGOelite3517d ago

i want a oblivion, morrowing or fallout mmo

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