Survey reveals Mass Effect: Jacob's Story for iPhone

Joystiq writes: "Mass Effect certainly is moving to multiple platforms -- just not the one you might have been expecting. A Joystiq reader recently took a survey about an upcoming Mass Effect app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and according to the survey, this portable Mass Effect will feature Jacob Taylor, "a biotic-powered super-soldier who stumbles across a plot to terrorize civilization's greatest beacon of hope.""

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meepmoopmeep3520d ago

hrmmm... PS3 announcement soon, eh?


George Costanza3520d ago

The 360 fanboys still need to get their MGS 4 :P

Bnet3433520d ago

It doesn't need to be on PS3, it's already on PC.

Chubear3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

when EA acquired Bioware what the hell did you think was going to happen. The question is not if an IP like Mass Effect will be on the PS3, PC, Wii, DS, PSP etc but rather will EA also put it out on the likes of Leapstar's Leapfrog hand held also lol

young7yang3520d ago

played this on xbox .. very good game. the only good game..

now i want the ps3 version

hurry it up

Taker_1293520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Does anyone honestly believe mass effect 2 is not coming to the ps3? This is EA we're talking about here. Even though EA is a much better publisher Now, than they were 2 years go, they are still about spreading their franchises to every viable platiform

Kamikaze1353520d ago

I guess it's not so exclusive anymore, eh? Anyway, Mass Effect is a great game, can't wait till this comes out. Hopefully it'll come out soon.

Chubear3520d ago

when Sony unveils it'll be coming to the iphone too.

360 fanbase: "A-HA! 360 bound CONFIRMED!"

gaming community: -.-

GiantEnemyCrab3520d ago

So when MGS came to iphone I guess it's not a PS3 exclusive anymore?

We aren't talking ME on iphone its some spin off just like MGS on iphone.

PirateThom3520d ago

Do you understand "spin-off"?

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