Ten Games You Should Play

BeefJack writes, "Apparently EA has a scheme that trains current staff to be creative directors, which is no bad thing at all, but has been a bit of an inspiration. You see, part of their course is the following question:

What games do you think people should, at the very least, look at as seminal in the mediums history?

It's an interesting question, and can lead to an interesting list as they are not looking for critically acclaimed titles or the most popular, just ones that did something interesting for the industry.

Now let's face it, everyone has an opinion, and that is no bad thing, so we here at BeefJack have put together a list of titles that we think you should play, if only for an hour, just to see what they did for our beloved medium. These games can all be considered major points on the road map of video gaming, and though your opinion may be that they suck or they are part of a genre you simply do not like, at least appreciate what they did for the medium.

So here are ten games you should, most definitely, play. They are in no particular order..."

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ape0073516d ago

the game that never get old and will never get old

gameplay is pure golden and the graphics are well....AMAZING(not kiddin)

Snake Raiser3516d ago

Mario is the Chuck Norris of gaming.
If Mario and Rico got into a fight Mario would win.
If you compare SMB to Crisis SMB has better graphics...

Seriously, that game proves that, while good graphics are uh... good, you still need some gameplay.

Skizelli3516d ago

I remember when my older brother and I would play 2P SMB and see who could beat the game first. Good times.

BrunoM3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Super Mario Bros - Check
Doom - Check
FFVII - Check
Command and Conquer - Nope .. until not to long ago i wasent a pc guy
Sonic the Hedgehog - Check .. HELL yeah one of my Fav
World of Warcraft - Nope
Metroid Prime - Check .. a few hours..
Halo - Check .. and is my Fav of Halo games
Resident Evil 4 - Check .. Finish half of the game up to the oil rig
Shadow of the Colossus - Check

Didnt do to bad if that was REALY the top 10 games to play that in MY VIEW are not some of them yes like mario sonic shadow ... but some are missing.. but hey i didnt do to bad if that was the reall 10 games to play befor u die 8/10 lol.

BYE3515d ago

Mario is the most badass character in a video game. No one can touch him. He would jump on Marcus Fenix and even collect a coin from his dead body afterwards.

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Gue13516d ago

Who else thinks that they should have mentioned Super Metroid instead of Prime?

And Halo? Are freaking kidding me? So many great FPS out there and they say Halo? Wow.

Skizelli3515d ago

Because Halo 1 is a great game, not only for the multiplayer, but for the campaign as well. Halo 2 and 3 pale in comparison to 1.

Myst3516d ago

Out of all these games I have not played Doom or Shadow of the Colossus, I think I'll be buying Shadow of the Colossus sometime in the future though (Hopefully)

Mcrmarcher3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Super mario world on on the snes....good times. Thankfully i still have it and my snes =P

tehk1w13516d ago

Of all those games on the list I'm pretty sure maybe only World of Warcraft and Mario deserve to be on it.

WoW created the MMORPG model that's garnered 11,000,000 subscribers and created the architecture that every MMO has since tried to copy.

And Mario? Well -it's Mario.

Seriously. Command and Conquer? It may have come first, but Starcraft absolutely blew it away. There's a reason why people still play Starcraft professionally.

zagibu3514d ago

Actually, Everquest created the architecture, WoW just polished and perfected it.