CoD4 cheater killing patch incoming

TVGB: "Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has twittered that Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 will be getting a patch soon that will eliminate cheaters. It's going through certification now and should be available soon."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3456d ago

The cheaters on Xbox Live are the typical xbots you see on N4G that have no skill in any games whatsoever.Halo 3 requires no skill simply because it mainly involves throwing grenades,jumping and hoping for the best.

Eiffel3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

This is Lord's entire life.

Notice certain time breaks, obviously scheduled masturbation.

Ace Killa 083456d ago

ur seriously mad at the xbox 360 comments why? u seriously just go to any post and really throw somethin negative. u have a pessimistic life and i feel sorry for you and for your sister

Mikerra173456d ago

this guy is obviously doing it to get you guys riled up chill out

BX813456d ago

The mighty troll has once again shown his sloppy head.

No Way3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I would say that you are probably a cheater, too..
But, you'd hafta get off this site, and play some games, to be able to cheat..

Sooo, what's mommy cooking for dinner?

oldsnayke3455d ago

Lord, let me ask you this question...

Many of times have I seen people claiming that Call of Duty 4 takes "no skill" but I am left to wonder something. How am I always like 14 and 2 on Search and Destroy and my team mates can barely break a 1.0 k/d ratio? Clearly there is a skill-related element to my ratio otherwise I wouldn't be skyrocketing above my team mates.

I am in no way claiming that I am the best at Call of Duty 4, however, I am saying that I am quite good at the game and could hold my own against a lot of people. I have 40500 kills and 1500 deaths.

You're going to ask "How does this relate to what I am talking about in terms of Halo 3?" well it does simply because all games require skill to an extent.

Last night me and some friends were playing against some punks in a team tactical who claimed that they would "destroy us". Funny, we went like 750 - 200 on them. We beat them in a headquarters match and they said "This game takes no skill" but yet we were beating them. I think they insulted themselves by saying that it took no skill on our part to kill them as easily as we had.

Games take skill to be good at, but not necessarily to play.

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Mikerra173456d ago

I havent played this game for awhile, But I never noticed cheaters besides the occasional noobing.

Even though they made a great game, it seems like they didnt care about all of us and soaked up the money after the first map pack was released. Its good to hear they are doin something

XxSpiiKeZxX3456d ago

i notice them in Xbox Live though b/c of the modded control u know when someone uses a g3, etc. and is shot rapidly

I hope thios patch could fix this issue and not allow the modded control to work

sunnygrg3456d ago

IW has the time to implement these patches on the 360, yet my PS3 version's controller still doesnt rumble!!!

Ghoul3456d ago


well said im so sick of IW double standard. Especially since the Rumble can be ported to ps3 easiliy, its the same tech.....

Tapewurm3456d ago

and whatever else .... JEEBUS!!!!

lociefer3455d ago

u spoke my mind +1 bubble

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DragonWarrior_43456d ago

You haven't seen half the stuff ive seen then. Ive seen people literally be invisible even though they were on my team. People flying in the air, again in invisible mode. It really sucks because they take the fun out of the game.

BadboyCivic3456d ago

i saw a guy run faster than Usain Bolt and jumped over a building..
he was on my team but also appeared invisible...

jack who3456d ago

cheating in COD4 isnt noticeable cause its a controller cheat aka modder controller which lets you shot faster(4 builets before you fire 1)...

2FootYard3456d ago

One time when I sniffed too much acetone I thought I was on planet Weezy but I was still on Earth.

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