Red Steel 2 reconfirmed, Nintendo Power to detail the game

The upcoming issue of Nintendo Power promises to have the scoop on Red Steel 2.

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ChickeyCantor3489d ago

But motion plus was already confirmed by developers...
Also if you are a guy in such jacked and that would be pretty interesting then cause it doesn't make sense at all xD.

Also what is the guy from Sunset-riders doing in right?
"Burry mi with my munny"
Distorted voices, aaaah love the old gaming days.

The_Zeitgeist3489d ago

Yey! The Wii gets another lame wannabe shooter.

ChickeyCantor3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

O come on, Killzone 1 wasn't the greatest shooter either and look, KZ2 is "godlike"...right?

So instead of being a troll why not just keep these comments to yourself?
I have already given you to much attention, attention troll.

With Motion+, Ubi can finally make those ideas as we wanted them back at launch.

Your bubbles are disturbing for such comment.

White-Sharingan3489d ago

@ sidar- the difference is that KZ1 was for PS2, KZ2 is for PS3 so thats why there is such a huge difference and how you placed it "godlike".

I'm not saying it wont be good, but i wont be optimistic about it. Hopefully motion+ will make a HUGE difference.

ChickeyCantor3489d ago

White thats just stupid.
Just because KZ1 was on the Ps2 doesn't mean its not meant to be great by default?
Even on the Ps2 the game could have uber awesome, but it wasn't.

As many look down at Redsteel 1( although they do ignore the factores during the production) there is no reason to think that Redsteel 2 will be as bad(hell i even enjoyed RS1, aside from the lame sword fights the shooting was...good...not kidding for first title that is). Its also a different team making it.

The point is that untill we havn't seen anything, no need to bash it.

sack_boi3489d ago

You're arguing with twelve year olds. Don't waste your breath.

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tman6923489d ago

all i have to say is that if there isn't any online component in this game i probably wouldn't be a buy for me. (or a first day at least) But i might look into the gameplay and motion + control. game play would have to be a huge step up from redsteel 1 which also had lacking multiplayer. (4 player splitscreen? cmon)

Tykis3489d ago

Who gives a s***t! lol

G4Chicks3489d ago

actually even though the game was hyped up to be something great when the wii came out, i had alot of fun playing this with my brother

BrotherNick3489d ago

We need more games with split screen for real...people with wiis play with actual people, it'd make more sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.