IGN: Tekken 6 on PSP is Official

IGN writes: "We already knew that Tekken 6 would be storming the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall, but today we've learned that the storied fighting franchise is also headed for the PSP".

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skynidas3514d ago

Nice, the PSP is getting a lot of nice games.

chrisnick3514d ago

sony on a whole is going hard at getting these games'm officially impressed by their efforts... i can finally say i have too many GREAT games to play and too many EPIC games to look forward to....i need to lay down.........................a nd play killzone.

pain777pas3514d ago

Officially broke great games on all platforms. The PSP love is really great though I'll get both versions portable and console. I did it for Dark res so why not 6?

theEnemy3514d ago

was on the PSP.

Remember ?

Mindboggle3514d ago

Yh I remember, I have it. But I thought most devs packed up and left PSP development years ago...I dont even see the point anyway. Unless this game is ONLY on the PS store then its not going to sell well. You can even put a card in the stores so that people in shops see it.

Also Sony screwed up with Patapon 2. Making it download only in US was a waste of time, as most people would of downloaded the EU version off torrents.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3514d ago

Interesting.I'm not a Tekken fan but I am glad to hear that the PSP will have another game for 2009.From my insider info at IGN,the PSP version will run better than 360 version.Not surprising since the 360 can barely get DS graphics.

TheMART3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

How does a dork like you get so many bubbles?

Once more a clear sign that the Sony Defense Force is very, very active on N4G.

Good to hear that 95% of all multiplats run best on the 360. I guess that makes the PS3 is having sub GBA graphics.


ah I see the 2nd dork, aka member of the SDF popping up and backing up the clan also. Welcome to the party!

gambare3514d ago

"TheMART at Xboxkings - 2 minutes ago
1.1 -
How does a dork like you get so many bubbles? "

You have to find your answer within your own bubbles

deshon093514d ago

not to bad mite pick it up for the psp as well as the ps3

PotNoodle3514d ago

Wow.. if it is this year then sony really are not over-exaggerating when they say 2009 is the year of the PSP. Loads of new games coming out for it this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.