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Submitted by Samus2080 2479d ago | article

Top 10 Ways to Tell if a Game is Hardcore

The ten best ways to tell if a game can be considered "hardcore". (Culture, Industry, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2479d ago
If the game is exclusive to PS3,its hardcore.If its on Wii or 360,its casual.
DDP  +   2479d ago
or xbox360
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2479d ago
Hmm? Xbox 360? I never heard of it :/
Hixon4Life  +   2479d ago
sorry, buddy. the xbox360 is far more hardcore than the ps3. pwned.
MGOelite  +   2479d ago
1 word to undermine your arguement hixon.

DevastationEve  +   2479d ago
never heard of x360...that's okay, 29mil+ already have.

you'll be number 30,000,000 in no time ;)
thebudgetgamer  +   2479d ago
sorry, buddy. the xbox360 is far more hardcore than the ps3

one day i would like to be that person.

DDP  +   2479d ago
What a hilarious article. I hate when people feel the need to distinguish between hardcore and casual games. Also, the part about N4G being obsessed with Killzone 2 is right on the money.
Sexius Maximus  +   2479d ago
I think...
If you are a fanboy, you're not "hardcore." Passing on MANY fantastic games because of brand loyalty doesn't make sense to me anyway. But I'm neither casual nor hardcore, I just game whenever I feel the need, whatever that makes me, so be it. I do have to say though...what wrong with guns and boobies?
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Dark General  +   2479d ago
Hahahahahaha a nice dose of satire.
rambi80  +   2479d ago
Opinions of an anonymous author aren't worth anything.
Maybe the author should grow a pair
Smacktard  +   2479d ago


It's beautiful. And oh-so-true.
RKRigney  +   2479d ago
It's nice to see that the N4G guys are willing to admit that it is true ;D Good article, OW.
vickers500  +   2479d ago
Old Wizard's top 5 requirements for a good game.

1. Must have been made 10+ years ago
2. Has to be from Nintendo
3. Must be 2 dimensional
4. Cannot be mature
5. Has to include a plumber

This guy just thinks he is superior to everyone else because the only games he plays are from the 90's or earlier. Rejecting anything new and limiting yourself to old games does not make you cool, nor does it make you a "real" gamer, Old Wizard. And thinking that you are superior because of that, simply makes you a douchebag.

(though you are correct about n4g and killzone 2)
Morbius420  +   2479d ago
It seems n4g is more obsessed with Halo than KillZone.
rockleex  +   2479d ago
A game is hardcore or not...
Depending on how much depth there is to the game. How hard the learning curve is. Etc.

Casual games are like Pong or Wii Sports, not much depth there.

"Casual games" and "casual gamers" have existed before the Wii even began development. Yet some people seem to think its all a conspiracy to attack the Wii.

No. The truth is that the Wii just has a lot more casual games and casual gamers.
LJWooly  +   2479d ago
Actually Morbius, it would seem the 360-owning population of this site is obsessed with Halo... so needless to say, we don't see much Halo obsession here.
Son of Odin  +   2479d ago
i hate when people say the wii has no hardcore games. there are plenty of hardcore wii games. just look at super smash brothers.
myspaceisevil   2479d ago | Spam
gersh  +   2479d ago
Are you guys joking when you say Super Smash Bros is hardcore?
Son of Odin  +   2479d ago
hardcore gamers are pretty much all losers.
Fishy Fingers  +   2479d ago
And posting comments on a gaming website is the epitome of cool yes?

Casual, hardcore... its rubbish. You either play games or not. If I put 10 hours a day in Wii sports what am I casual or hardcore? Or perhaps I play COD4 a few hours a week?

Surely its more to do with your interest level (time spent) in games rather than your genre/platform of choice.
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Volvobug  +   2479d ago
any game on the wii is not hardcore.
Hixon4Life  +   2479d ago
you fail.
eat_shorts  +   2479d ago
VolvoBug u fail, trying playing Super Smash Bros Brawl with friends its better than most "hardcore" games.
Insanium  +   2479d ago

Hardcore gamers have no friends.
kesvalk  +   2479d ago
^ you have a point there...

but really, the hardcore/casual thing, is just stupid...
MountainMaverick  +   2479d ago
not this debate again.
MountainMaverick  +   2479d ago
one thing i agree with 100% with the article on is n4g taking killzone 2 way too far.
Shane Kim  +   2479d ago
Well you should try the game first and see how awesome it is instead of blindly agreeing with an atricle.
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Swedenborg  +   2479d ago
this article is full of fail.
raztad  +   2479d ago
yes and no. Yes cause clearly they are trying to exaggerate their points to make them funny, and no because some people, actually, could be relating hardcore to games like Gears or KZ2.

The most hardcore games are RPGs. Simple as that. You need to be consistent, to spend lot of hours of your social life leveling up your character and going on through the story. Hardcore should be understood as seriously dedicated to finish a game not matter the long, not matter the challenge.

Hardcore shouldnt be translated as mature. Any DS powered kid :) could obviously be more hardcore than me, because I need to work , need to enjoy my social life, girlfriend, etc etc, but then I spend my little to none free time in MATURE games, some with dark theme as KZ2, some with mature narrative as Heavenly Sword, GTA, Folklore and sometimes, to refresh things a bit and get some pure fun Ratchet&Clank and Burn Zombie Burn. Now that I think about it, Im not hardcore but either casual, like me surely most mature players fall in some middle ground between those two.
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Trevorthenerd  +   2478d ago
no it speaks the truth
PrimordialSoupBase  +   2479d ago
This article is retarded. Killzone 2 is the best game ever made. Period. This is FAIL.



The_Zeitgeist  +   2479d ago
Killzone 2 is a great game...Awesome even. Best ever? NO WAY DUDE!
Here are 3 games better.

Doom 3
PrimordialSoupBase  +   2479d ago
This article fails in so many ways.
Kriller  +   2479d ago
How is the PS3 more hardcore than the wii?
JDPGamer2002  +   2479d ago
funny stuff
Stoneroses6300  +   2479d ago
Old-Wizard has once again proven why they are the best cynics on the entire internet. This is a hilarious jab at all the terrible games that come out year after year. I love these guys! Anyone who writes fail isn't intelligent enough to get the sarcasm.
myspaceisevil   2479d ago | Spam
cranium  +   2479d ago
If it's sarcasm, it's hilarious. But if it isn't, it is pathetic.
It seems to be sarcastic from my point of view..
cliffbo  +   2479d ago
number 1 should be: you own a PS3
Nineball2112  +   2479d ago

Funny, funny stuff. Snark at it's best!
Jinxstar  +   2479d ago
I still feel that ninja Gaiden Sigma was one of the most hardcore games ever made. Wolverine Adamantium Rage was Hard core as hell... Earthworm jim 1... Plenty of games not FPS or TPS that are Hardcore out there...
onijutsu  +   2479d ago
to all the people who are agiung about what is hardcore and what isn't.

That is not the point of the article, its about the perception of what is hardcore from the perspective of the average air-headed gamer.
typikal82  +   2479d ago
I thought they were talking about Gears of War lol
grantps3  +   2479d ago
seriously, wii is casual. 90% of wii games are basicly 40 dollar mini games.

that article is stupid.

and killzone 2 deserves the credit that it is given
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360 Wii PS3 Yup   2479d ago | Spam
TheBand1t  +   2479d ago
Battle Toads is pretty hardcore.
bigjclassic  +   2479d ago
Awesome the blog makes fun of "fad gamers"
Since someone needs to anyways. None of those make a harcore game, and sadly those types of gamers are the majority of the HD console owners.
MurderFace  +   2479d ago
this is a really bad article
AIRB0RNE GRUNT  +   2479d ago
i liked it
all he did was mention killzone 2 at the end and people start calling the article fail. he never even offered an opinion on kz2.
SeraphimBlade  +   2479d ago
Good to see them writing fake articles...
because God knows they can't write real ones, hi-yo!
also, rather unimaginative. But I am enjoying seeing people's comments proving their point!
360 Wii PS3 Yup   2479d ago | Spam
Omega4  +   2479d ago
No. 1 is deep

Thought they were talking about Halo till I got to No. 3
ChickeyCantor  +   2479d ago
As a gamer i will decide wether something is hardcore or not,
thank you.
bardler  +   2479d ago
That was really funny. Good job.
tiamat5  +   2479d ago
I don't get it. Battle Toads,Bionic Commando, Mario 3, Mega Man and the Ninja Turtle Games and were none of these things. Does that make them any less hardcore then they were? The problem with game publishers is that they have forgotten how to make games in-between, especially Nintendo. It's either ponies, flowers and rainbows or blood, swearing and gore.They figure that lots of gore, swearing and nudity makes them hardcore. It doesn't. I makes them look childish.It's like a kid finding his parents' adult DVDs watching them and repeating every thing he hears without even understanding what half the things he says means
ChickeyCantor  +   2479d ago
Have a bubble.
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TheBand1t  +   2479d ago
Battle Toads was definitely the hardcore of the hardcore, to be sure. :) IMO
Timesplitter14  +   2479d ago
You don't know the meaning of hardcore until you've seen this
JDPGamer2002  +   2479d ago
killzone 2 is the best game ever!
TheBand1t  +   2479d ago
You guys do realize this is satire, right?
goflyakite  +   2479d ago
I'll I saw was a pretty bad attempt at comedy.
Samus2080  +   2479d ago
lighten man
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