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NG writes: "The number of times we've got inFamous confused with Prototype is ridiculous. You've probably done it yourself, but don't worry about it, everyone seems to get them confused. It's easy to see why; both are free-roaming sandbox games whose main protagonist suddenly finds themselves imbued with superpowers and then have to save themselves and, if they like, everyone else."

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hotdawg3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

This guy sounds ridiculous. Clearly anyone following any shred of information about this game knows the demo these so-called reviewers are seeing is a demo of several possible sections of the game under different circumstances. So for him to complain about not following the story he just makes himself sound like a poop eating dummy.

Besides if you're confused about Infamous and Prototype and are a "Gamer" then you probably shouldn't be outside without your safely helmet on. Just saying.

pixelsword3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

*NOTE: They don't even have the release date right: they have it down for September. This review is a perfect example of the poor reporting/reviewing that is bringing down the gaming community.
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When. Will I. Will I be Prototype? We can't answer... we can't answer that...

The number of times we’ve got inFamous confused with Prototype is ridiculous. You’ve probably done it yourself, but don’t worry about it, everyone seems to get them confused. It’s easy to see why; both are free-roaming sandbox games whose main protagonist suddenly finds themselves imbued with superpowers and then have to save themselves and, if they like, everyone else.

There is an easy way to tell them apart, however ­– Prototype is all about body horror in a mutating David Cronenberg kind of way with its guy growing extra limbs, consuming people and being able to throw tanks around, while inFamous has its guy firing off electricity from his fingers like a pissed-off Sith lord. See? One eats people and has an army on his tail and the other can give you a nasty static shock. Easy.

The strange thing is that until now we haven’t had much time with Cole, inFamous’s guy, we haven’t really got to know him or find out what he’s all about. And this preview code really doesn’t clear anything up. Even stranger than that is the release date in the US having been brought forward by about a month, so that it doesn’t coincide with the release of Prototype. It’s almost as if Sony is worried that it will get consumed by Prototype and not stand a chance in terms of sales. After playing four brief sections, we are kind of inclined to agree with that.

So the plot then. Cole (no first name) gets caught up in a huge explosion that decimates Empire city. When he wakes up two weeks later he finds that the city has been quarantined, people are dying of a strange plague, gangs are taking over the streets and Cole himself can shoot sparks out of his fingers without having to vigorously rub his socks on the carpet. Ridiculously, he is blamed as the cause of the explosion and now he must either use his newfound powers for good. Or evil!

In certain situations you get the choice to do something good or bad depending on what mood you’re in. For example when the government drops in an aid parcel by plane it become entangled on a monument and you have to get it down. Now, while the obvious choice would be to leave it there and piss about doing what you want, that’s not going to advance the plot. So off you climb by pressing the ‘jump’ button a hell of a lot, luckily Cole has picked up some parkour skills and he’s brilliant at jumping and landing on small beams, so you’re never in danger of falling off too much. It’s a bit like Assassin’s Creed but with a lot more pressing of the ‘jump’ button. Soon you cut down the aid package and this is where the good/evil choice comes in. Do you keep the food and medical supplies, or dish them out to the starving residents of Empire city? Whichever option you pick has an effect on a little meter in the corner, which tells you if you’re being a hero or an outlaw.




Sucker Punch

* Adventure
* Action Adventure

Release Date

25 September 2009
Anticipation Level

If you continue being a hero then you get blue electricity – if you choose the dark side you get red electricity. Some of your powers change depending on this too, but there’s not a great difference – you’re still firing off electrical current. And it doesn’t seem to affect the plot. In another section you’re helping out the police when a prison is attacked by a gang, even though Cole is clearly in the bad side of things. So instead of joining forces with the obviously superior bad guys – they have a huge robot on their side – you’re fending them off with your incredibly repetitive electricity attacks rather than turning on the police and taking the prison for yourself.

That robot might seem like a bit of a boss, but it’s not. There are other people with strange powers and they’re the bosses. One example is the crazy lady in the sewers – we have no idea why we were fighting her, other than she’s a bit nuts with a horrible tentacle for a tongue. A few shock grenades later and she vanished, leaving us bewildered as to why she was there and why she kept going on about some date Cole was supposed to have been on with her. It’s just weird.

Perhaps this will all come together into some meaningful story and there will be a genuine overarching plot that’ll resolve itself in the finished game. We hope so because right now none of it makes any sense. Of course, games don’t have to make sense, but when Sucker Punch has invested this much time and created this world, there has to be some sort of closure to it.

Final Summary

Who knows? Still, soon we’ll be able to play Proto… inFamous! Dammit.

aldesko3488d ago

This article is just bad. The author should do some research on the game before writing about it.

nycredude3488d ago

I bet you he didn't even get a preview copy. He just read other previews on it and wrote a BS blog.

lloyd_wonder3488d ago

Yeah. He sounds totally unprofessional. I've never even played the game and know that Cole's full name is: Cole McGrath, and that the women he fights in the sewers is his ex- girlfriend.

This is all knowledge from more credible outlets like IGN etc. I won't be visiting this site again.

nycredude3488d ago

This guy is a douche fanboy who wrote a thinly veil sucker punch (pun intended) at infamous. Anyone who has played any of suckerpunches previous games will no this game will probably be very good. how ar eyou supposed to know the story of an open world game by playing 4 separate missions from the entire game?

And he keeps on like Prototype is suppose to be the end all be all of sandbox games. That game is pretty much the Hulk rehashed with supar graphics.

Also he is so stupid not only does he mistake infamous for prototype, but he thinks every gamer is stupid like him and does the same. Apart from them both being sandbox games and have a person with powers the two are miles apart.

What a douche.

snaz273488d ago

oh just like everyone gets fifa mixed up with pes yeah? i mean their both footy games right? so everyone gets em mixed up dont they? or gta and saints row? everyone confuses those too... or burnout and gran turimo? im always getting those mixed up lmao... after reading that i had no intention of reading the article! thanks for putting your dumb ass comments on the intro so i didnt have to read the rest of your drivle!

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