GameSpot: Dead Rising 2 Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Dead Rising relied on Capcom's internal MT Framework engine, but Dead Rising 2 uses a completely separate engine developed by Blue Castle. The first instalment was capable of drawing 500 zombies at once, but the sequel is able to draw up to 7,000 zombies onscreen at once, all staggering, leering, and drooling in real time. The graphics look promising, with plenty of crisp textures and vibrant colours lighting up the neon-filled town. Although blood pools left behind by your hapless victims looked a bit unrealistic, other effects such as water reflections on asphalt and body dismemberment looked great".

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JeffGUNZ3515d ago

Sounds like this game should be a good time. Hopefully it doesn't have the 72 hour limit, that was lame. Hopefully they implement a quicker and easier "save game" system.

ShabzS3515d ago

right there with you on the saving system... somebody needs to fix that

GiantEnemyCrab3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

No way. They don't need to make it n00b friendly and remove the save system or time limits. It was really a huge point of the game and if you didn't get it then you probably shouldn't be playing this game.

It's all about time management and tension. Without it you've got a brainless button mashing hack'n slash.

JeffGUNZ3514d ago

It doesn't make it "noob friendly", i am the type of gamer that explores every corner in every location, I couldn't really do that in this game. The save system was AWFUL. All they need to due is put an autosave after every objective or subobjective. Also, no more convicts driving around the court yard only shooting people that ARE ALIVE.

panasonic233515d ago

the xbox 360 version is getting exclusive content.