PSBlog: Uncharted 2: More Multiplayer Details Interview

Jeff Rubenstein interviews Justin Richmond, game designer with Naughty Dog:

"After yesterday's big Uncharted 2 announcement, I'm sure you've got lots of questions. Once the co-op and competitive modes were revealed to the media last week, I know I did. Fortunately, I was able to grab quite a few minutes with Justin Richmond, game designer with Naughty Dog. We chatted about Uncharted 2's modes, how melee translates into multiplayer, and the presence of Elena and Sully."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3493d ago

Uncharted 2 is set to debut in the fall and will astonish the gaming world.The xbots will be are they playing?...



*looks at 360 line-up*


nothing? Yep.Sounds about right.

Pennywise3493d ago

They will be playing the AAA confirmed games called SALES. With their DLC called NPD.

BX813493d ago

That's it nice troll...don't be shy...

I think Uncharted 2 will win GOTY.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3493d ago

Uncharted was easily one of the greatest graphical masterpieces this generation.

Will Uncharted 2 look greater upon release? I certainly think so

itchy183493d ago

Those are really awesome screen captures. do you have any idea what the settings of the lcd tv are?

redsquad3491d ago

I've played UNCHARTED all the way through several times, yet those images still impress me!

JOLLY13493d ago

The main characters animations look very well done.

laved3493d ago

I was really upset when they first announced multiplayer but now I've warmed up to it and now I'm very excited for the beta/final release.

WhittO3493d ago

wwooo you can pla as Elana and Sully in co-op lol.

the co-op sounds like its going to be like resistance, will be so great!!

cant wait for this game

TIKUP3493d ago

omg the game looks so sick
i cant wait to get it! uncharted is amazing and you know it ;)

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IVYvsTAKI3493d ago

God, I can't wait!
It's not coming out soon enough!!!

slave2Dcontroller3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I'll tell ya though, I can already smell the hate. The I dont see whats so blah blah blah about Uncharted comments. U2 is overhy.. blah blah blah.

Open your lids and wipe the jealousy, envy, and tears out of your eyes so you can see whats going on here lady-boys. Sony is delivering like Fed Ex during Christmas Season. KZ2, inFamous, U2. Gotdamn Sony, slow down! Not for real!... keep it coming XDDDDDDDD


Baka-akaB3493d ago

Personally i'm expecting the usual "oh but sp will suffer" crap i've seen everyday since the rumor started .
Or the usual "Uncharted didnt need mp" ... when obviously a big chunk of gamers dont bother with solo games or only get them used or budget price . especially when they are short like uncharted .

Obviously naughty knows that any MP component could boost quite a bit their sales , and from the look of it , it's not even just any mp component , like that crappy re5 vs mode , but some damn good work .

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The story is too old to be commented.