E.U.'s Bundle Of Joy For Microsoft

Opera and other upstart Web browsers don't like the way Microsoft has been bundling Internet Explorer into Windows, so they want to be bundled in too. They just might get their wish.

Microsoft was due by midnight on Tuesday to officially respond to the European Commissions charges that its inclusion of Internet Explorer violates European competition law because it is unfair to other Web browsers like Oslo, Norway-based Opera, Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome. These are browsers that you can download and use for browsing the Web as an alternative to Explorer.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3488d ago

Soon the EU will unite and defeat Nazisoft.The world already despises Nazis and Microshaft is just the different side of the same Nazi coin

GiantEnemyCrab3488d ago

That's it, I'm suing Apple for having Safari on my Mac and iphone and not allowing me another browser to choose from.

ShabzS3488d ago

so why cant they have the right to put in their web browser in their os too?