Raptr: Facebook for Gamers

Raptr is a new Facebook-like service that enables gamers around the world to connect with each other on a unified networking system that spans across multiple gaming platforms. Currently, the service is in beta form, but the site is looking sharp, sporting an impressive feature set that allows you to publish or track your gaming stats with ease. Some of my favorite features include the time logs, which let the world (and yourself) know just how much time you spend playing Resident Evil 5 or Left 4 Dead. Interested? Read on.

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tdrules3490d ago

not trying to show off but ive had this since about october :/

Pandamobile3490d ago

Raptr sucks. Installed with CODWAW is a constant annoyance.

Uninstalled, never to be used again.

Myst3490d ago

Oh this is pretty interesting, was just about to say it's the exact same thing as Playfire though. Yet I see some differences that proved me wrong, going to at least give it a go.