ATI Radeon HD 4770 RV740 DDR5 Video Card (BmR)

(BmR) Sometimes an industry first doesn't mean a new champion is born. The ATI Radeon HD 4770 introduces the 40nm RV740 GPU paired to 512MB of DDR5 video frame buffer memory, and a double-height cooler allows the ATI B743 model video card to operate at 750MHz. Initially expected to sell at the $100 mark, could this be the mainstream graphics accelerator for the masses? Benchmark Reviews compares the Radeon HD4770 against a large collection of performance tests in this article.

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dirthurts3517d ago

ATI really has their stuff together these days. Their push to bring graphics cards down to affordable levels has really turned around the market.
I can't wait to see the 5000 series.

Mikerra173517d ago

they are always fighting with nvidia, I never see it when they are both nuetral with each other, one is always ahead of the other it seems