20 PlayStation 3 Games for $20

Green Pixels: The beautiful thing about technology is that it never takes long for prices to drop. This principle holds true for software as well -- prices are constantly being dropped for older games as newer products hit store shelves. Instead of the usual $60 tag that you'll find on newly released PlayStation 3 games, these titles now cost just $20 at major national retail chains (Amazon, GameStop, Target, Walmart). That's a third of the original price!

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jcfilth2918d ago

Fracture is $10 at Best Buy right now. The best choice of all the titles is Burnout Paradise IMO.

butterfinger2918d ago

is also a great choice for trophy whores, as it is one of the easiest games to platinum.

phosphor1122918d ago

Especially compared to the ball busting trophies of other games. I still need a webcam to get the mugshot trophy.

The_Zeitgeist2917d ago

Fracture was a horrible game! I say Pure was the best deal out of all the best buy deals.

Cwalat2917d ago

very misleading title,

should've put "each" at the end.

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cliffbo2918d ago

now that's a bargain!!!!!!!!!

i think a headline change is in order lololol

typikal822918d ago

word to that, how misleading

butterfinger2918d ago

I guess it should be "20, $20 Playstation 3 Games" or something like it.

Sarcasm2917d ago


"20 PlayStation 3 Games for $20 *each*"

DelbertGrady2918d ago

And 90% of them are superior on the 360. Think about that when you are wasting your money on them lol! Not that I think you buy games at all. Killzone 2 sales proved that you most probably don't.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida2918d ago

ROFL Sodabot is angry with me.Let the good times roll.He is now my e-b!tch

Dance you puppet :)

ultimolu2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Do 360 fanboys play games Soda?

Or do they play sales as usual?

Grow the f*ck up.

butterfinger2917d ago

that you decided to just become another fanboy, Soda. When you first started commenting you had decent intelligent things to say, but now you're just another piece of sh!t on the pile of fanboy turds here on N4G. It's a shame you stole such a great name.

DelbertGrady2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I can do both. Writing fanboy comments is fun from time to time.

It's funny how you judge me by one comment =)

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The_Kills2918d ago

Great price for such a game.

ultimolu2917d ago

That game is awesome, I agree.

thebudgetgamer2917d ago

i need to get some sigma the only ng game i dont own o and ng2


Christopher2918d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Oblivion, Burnout, Mercenaries 2, and The Orange Box.

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