Counter-Strike Source: Graphics cards test with maximal visual quality

Counter-Strike Source is always running smoothly but is graphical average at best. PC Games Hardware shows you how to squeeze the maximal visual quality out of Valve's tactic shooter.

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stevenhiggster3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I love Counter Strike source. CS was the first onine shooter I ever played, and I've been playin it since way back in CS beta (circa 1998ish)! Well under rated game.

phosphor1123489d ago

Also, these settings and such can be used for any source engine. Just keep in mind that the newer versions have things like motion blur and such.

xg-ei8ht3489d ago

Alot of people stayed away because of the cheating, a friend told me about it, and after that i couldn't be bothered.

Was still into

It does look good in places, but they need a decent lighting system, would really bring the place alive.

TheIneffableBob3489d ago

CS:S was among the best in terms of graphics in 2004.