Assassin's Creed Won't Get Trophies

Trophy whores, Altair is not your friend. Though some of you have been pestering Ubisoft to go back and add Trophies to Assassin's Creed, they're not going to do it. You'll have to seek virtual ass-patting elsewhere.

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Xandet3488d ago

..there was talk of a trophy patch for AC? I wasn't even aware.

Lucreto3488d ago

There was one talk about it. Ubi said before there was not going to be trophies but I always hoped they would change their minds with AC2 being releases.

I was playing through the game when the trophy patch was being released so I stopped and never got back to it. That is one less reason to go back to the first one now.

UnwanteDreamz3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I played through half of the first one and quit. I still own it and I plan on playing through someday but it would have to be out of sheer boredom because the first one was as repetative as they get.

lsujester3488d ago

While a few trophies would be nice, there is no way in hell I'm going to try and find every last flag in that game. Oh-my-fracking-God.

Sharpshell3488d ago

thanks GOD there aren't trophies b/c then I might be compelled to actually find all the flags/ rescue all the people/ climb all the tall things etc etc etc...

I mean talk about a game where its just rinse and repeat

to be honest I beat the game on the 360 for which there are acheivements and I was still like screw (of course I don't value acheivementsthe same way for some reason)

Eddie201013488d ago

Was anyone even giving it a thought. Might have been nice six months ago, but who really cares now.

Saigon3488d ago

i think it was a little late for this...because as soon as i seen the title i immediatley thought it was for AC2...

Cwalat3488d ago

Well, i don't really care... But Assassin's Creed 2 will have trophies so that's a good sign =)

... since it mandatory now (...thx for that Sony =D shows that you care)

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snaz273488d ago

lucreto... its one less reason to not bother supporting them with the second one also... but if you do want it get it preowned... but really i must say it was stupid of sony to not make them do trophies from the start! they really went half arsed about it and it hasnt done them any favours... thankfully its all sorted now but it really wouldnt hurt developers to go back and patch old games, infact it would give them bragging rights like "see we support our games" instead its "do one, we cant be bothered!" lol... so i same the same back! oh you have a new game coming out ay... preowned! up yours! lmao.

jmare3488d ago

"but really i must say it was stupid of Sony to not make them do trophies from the start! they really went half arsed about it and it hasnt done them any favours"

That is a very ignorant thing to say. When MS first came up with achievements, no one knew if they would work or even catch on. After it became apparent that achievements were becoming popular, Sony made adjustments. You act like achievements were golden from the very beginning when that is just not the case.

Ozzyb3488d ago

to screw any company, it wouldn't be Ubi. Oh wow, they didn't put trophies in a game that came out when there were no trophies, and now they don't want to go back and fix it. Meanwhile, Valve won't patch Orange Box, Bethesda won't patch anything/make any expansions (Fallout 3) and how many companies give timed exclusives... and I'm supposed to try to get back at them for not adding trophies 2 years later? lol, no.

snaz273488d ago

ozzyb... is not adding trophies the worst thing in the world? no... but dont you think it shows a lack of support to not go back and patch it?... look at what epic did for ut3! trophies, mod browser, a vehicle, charcters, maps etc etc all for free! now why did epic bother? they didnt have to do that did they? it just shows that they are willing to support their game doesnt it?... wouldnt it have been good for ubisoft to patch assasins creed? wouldnt you have been coming in saying cool nice one ubisoft? i just think if they dont wanna support their games and their fans who pay for their products why should we or i support them? they cant be bothered then neither can i... is that such a bad thing?.... to the other guy sorry your reply is somewhere down the bottom im sure i pressed reply but obviously not lol... and when i said they should have done them across the board from the start i did mean when they decided to do them not when the ps3 was released.

BLuKhaos3488d ago

Did Insomniac patch in trophy support for RFOM?No,did it matter?No,right so then what does it matter that Ubi won't patch in trophy support for some old @ss game.I'm one of the 20 people that actually loved AC1 but I wouldn't play through it a third time just to get some crummy @ss trophies.If you're that hungry for trophies then go get that Hannah Montana game.

snaz273488d ago

to you maybe it doesnt matter... and i will admit trophies have made me into a whore lol.. why? because its fun getting them and it gives extra replay value to most games... did rfom have trophies? no your right it didnt! how many times did i play through that game? once! not that i didnt like it or anything it was a great game... killzone 2 how many times did i play through? 4 got all the offline trophies (just need a few online ones now) its just fun to try and get em all and i believe insomniac should have gone back and patched trophies too... have i bought r2? no... im sorry it just pisses me off that they just couldnt be bothered! especially first party or even exclusive games in general dont have trophies! you wanna attack me for that? lol thats fine but arent i allowed an opinion then? sony have even seen the error of their ways and made trophies a must! doesnt that tell you that even they admit they made a mistake?... its like if you told a builder or something right i want this this and this done....

snaz273488d ago

..... also you can do this other job if you want but you dont have to... wtf you think their gonna do? it would be stupid to say that! because ofcourse people are inherantly lazy! and you wouldnt play through rfom if they added trophies, cool thats fine and it would be your choice but i know alot of people would!... am i saying trohies are the be all and end all of everything? no! its just fun and adds to a game and i think that developers who want to make sequels and that should spend the extra bit of time to just patch the older games i mean why not? if they did would you say omg you idiots i didnt want trophies? lmao... anyway its my choice who i support and who i do not isnt it? as it is your choice whom you support! its easy to come out with stupid remarks like your hannah montana one mate... surely you know people have different opinions on things dont you?

Ozzyb3488d ago

I agree with what you're saying in a general manner. I think devs should always support their games to the fullest reasonable extent. I just don't think it would really be worth it for AC. I seriously loved that game, and I wouldn't play it again for trophies. I'd rather they concentrate on the sequel, but I'm not disagreeing with you, I just think it's effort better spent elsewhere.

snaz273488d ago

im not even really saying they should do it now to be honest it is a little too late... but they had lots of time to do it and they didnt bother... it just pisses me off... i feel the same about mgs4, i mean with that game its even worse! a big big console defining game like that doesnt have trophies? i just dont get it... can it really be that hard to programe in trophies? others have done it so i shouldnt see why... it just seems lazy and gives off a we dont give a feck attitude i cant stand... just out of principle i wont shop in a store that treats me bad, and im the same with everything i purchase... if everyone did that then companies wouldnt even risk pissing off its customers cus that would mean the end of them... but alas people just dont seem to care that much these days... and im not saying ubi are the worst in the world but just lazy and it sucks

Ozzyb3488d ago

I definitely agree about MGS4. That was inexcusable to me. People would go back and play that game again for trophies, not to mention I'd be willing to bet people would pay good money for some DLC.

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-EvoAnubis-3488d ago

I'm fine with that. I'm not likely to play it again anyway given that the sequel is coming later this year; I'd rather play that.

IrishRepublicanArmy3488d ago

i dont plan on searching for millions of magic swords just to get a trophy.

koehler833488d ago

I traded Assassin's Creed in before 2.40

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