Xbox 360: XBLA prices getting out of hand

Mike says:

" Xbox Live Arcade games have been following an unpopular trend lately. Microsoft has been bumping up the prices of many of the latest XBLA game available for download. The consumers who actually purchase the games are just as responsible for this increasing trend as Microsoft.

I remember the days when XBLA games were pretty much 800 MS points or less. However, games like Braid and Castle Crashers have paved the way for the 1200 MS point class. New games continue the trend with bit sized games like Load Runner going for 1200 MS points."

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GWAVE3465d ago

I think the author of this article is overreacting. The prices are pretty comparable to PSN and PC.

Silellak3465d ago

I agree, it's a load of crap. The author is basically saying the quality of the graphics should determine the price of the game.

All I care about is how many hours of entertainment the game gives me, not how much ZOMG BLOOM!!! the game has. There are plenty of gorgeous games I refuse to pay $60 for, because the amount of entertainment per dollar spent simply isn't high enough.

At $15, even if the game only lasts 5 hours, that's pretty solid stuff.

jack who3465d ago

cry baby music puts me to sleep

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3465d ago

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