The Portable Gamer: iPhone Review: Magnificent Gadgets and Gizmos

TPG says, "The strength in depth of iPhone developers is what is making the platform such an attractive prospect, both for gamers and those who make them.

Magnificent Gadgets and Gizmos is the latest release fromPublisher X (HydroTilt, BeerPong and the Zen Pinball series). A physics-based puzzle game that will keep you on your toes throughout.

ggm_final1Each level features a simple concept on first look, use a range of components which incorporate a "Goalon" (a pink orb) and get it from one side of the level to the next. Sound simple? You'd be surprised."

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bgrundman3341d ago

It kind of reminds me of the incredible machine.

bgrundman3341d ago

I think the iPhone is catching up with Nintendo DS based games.

supercharger51503341d ago

I agree, a bit, but I still see my iPhone as a phone, and I'd much rather play my DS. It's just the feeling in your hands I think.

DNAgent3341d ago

lol @ comparing a phone to a handheld gaming system.

iphone isn't catching up to anything except for maybe other phones.

supercharger51503341d ago

oh nice, looks kinda like World of Goo. I like these games that take brain power.

CrAppleton3340d ago

Very much so.. looks awesome!