Source Rank Test Now Live

Today we have started testing out something called source rank on N4G. The version we will test now is fairly simple. It is basically a filter you can turn off or on as you please. You can find it between the top stories and the main news feed. With the filter on (which is the default setting) you should see less articles and opinion pieces on the N4G front page. The filter will need some time to learn so don't expect a huge difference right away. Also keep in mind that this is just a test run, we have not decided on how the final version will be like. The idea is that each user can decide for themselves how they wish to view the front page. So if you want to view everything that gets above 50 degrees simply turn it off. If you like a more news focused front page leave it on.

I want to stress that this is just a test run, nothing about this filter is set in stone at this moment.

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Nineball21123514d ago

Nice feature and thanks for adding it...

However, the cynical person in me says that more ppl will NOT use the filter than use it...

Including all the ppl that belly-ache about the flamebait articles.

But, we'll see... :-)

DarthTigra 3514d ago

Wow take a look at the filtered stories,pretty much all the junk is there and this thing just got started lol im loving it already!!!

DelbertGrady3514d ago

Grat work team N4G!

Let's see how long before HHG and badassgamerblog find ways around it ;)

TheBand1t3514d ago

They making legitimate news.

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The story is too old to be commented.