Microsoft, Sony And Nintendo Gear Up For E3

G4TV writes: "The entire video game industry is gearing up for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 2009 will be held during the first week of June, and in a hot-off-the-presses press release from organizers at the ESA, the big three console makers have expressed their delight at the prospect of the upcoming show.

Over 150 companies are slated to exhibit at the show, but of all those firms, the biggest and most anticipated announcements will be from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Below are the three companies' official pre-E3 hype statements -- think of it as the trash talk from wrestlers before a big match! Feel free to comment in our comment section, and/or create elaborate betting tables based on the below information."

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WildArmed3465d ago

Get ready for another round of the Clash of the Titans!

(fuk u akira)

interrergator3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

cant wait

cranium3465d ago

Who the hell is Akira?

WildArmed3465d ago

no1 special o_o
He'll know when he reads it lol

Monkey5213465d ago

off topic....what a movie. Anyone remember the bird from the beginning of the film that is 'flying' while attached to the stick lol.

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Shane Kim3465d ago

Oh, sorry, the headline was a typo. It was supposed to say:

Sony And Nintendo Gear Up For E3

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3465d ago

Indeed Mr. Kim.Microsoft is gearing up for a 360 recall after their entire line-up flopped.

Man_of_the_year3465d ago

Funny how MS has their own day...and Sony and Nintendo have to share a day...i guess they are just not bringing enough news to constitute them having a whole day to themselves...well, i guess they could always announce games that won't be out for 2-3 years from they always do to fill in the time...or they could talk about PS2...LOL or PSP...LOL to try and fill the gap.

Shane Kim3465d ago

I can't remember recalling anything Lord Shuhei, since we here at Microsoft didn't have a lineup to begin with.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3465d ago

Of course.I apologize for making up such nonsense.I almost thought the 360 had any games.

blackbeld3465d ago

PS3 will steel the Show!!!! It will be Sony vs Nintendo only.......

360 this year death confirmed.... They will come with another cheap announcement HALO 4.....

Shane Kim3465d ago

Apology accepted Lord Shuhei, but I don't want to hear anymore bulltalk :P.

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KionicWarlord2223465d ago

starts June 1 . ms conference goes first on june 1 then sony and nintendo on june 2

ttigass3465d ago

its from june 2-4

from what he said, june 2- microsoft, june 3- sony and nintendo...

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Legionaire20053465d ago

Come on Microsoft give us info on Perfect Dark 2 and Perfect Dark Xbox Live Arcade(XLA), and brand new titles to compare with Sony's PS3. PS3 now has the most exclusive out of any system due to Sony having about 20 something game studios!!!(fact). Microsoft needs to get its A game up and gave us something more than Halo and Gears of war.

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