Nintendo's big challenge: letting others win

Nintendo is facing some unique challenges in the market. For one, most of the best selling games on Nintendo platforms are the company's own, based on popular characters such as Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong. While this helps its near-term profits, analysts say the company needs more sales from other game publishers to ensure the long-term success of its consoles.

"Nintendo knows that their console turns into a paperweight unless the other publishers make good games for it," said game analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities.

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Anon19743458d ago

Nintendo has to be concerned about this. Sure it's great that first party titles are selling, but that's not a recipe for long term success. Why aren't Wii owners buying 3rd party games? Developers may be tempted by the 50 million console base, but if 3rd party games keep struggling on the Wii, why would you take the chance in the first place?

ChickeyCantor3457d ago

Why exactly?
Wouldn't that make you think there is actuall "success" for lots of thirdparty developers?

hotrider123457d ago

what nintendo need to do is open up their portfolio an unleash those awesome SNES games on to the wii

Seferoth753457d ago

LMAO Sony fans are getting desperate indeed.. More 3rd party million sellers on Wii than 1st party kinda proves this wrong. Does Nintendo have the better games? Of course. Name off ANY developer who was making Wii games back when Nintendo did?

I think the Sony fan that posted this was confused. It their console getting the least amount of play time. it's their console that is plaqued by Sony diminance. Wii fans have been looking forward to 3rd party games but what do Sony fans always hype? Sony games and yet their console is the LEAST played of any current gen console..

Pachter might have a point but he is looking at the wrong console. Sadly PS3 is proving everything ever said about the Wii and first party dominance. And yet nobody seems to be looking at it just yet.

Though I remember saying the PS3 would be the GC of this gen long before anyone else even saw it. So give it a year or so and maybe they'll catch on. Until then Wii will continue to have the highest sells in 3rd party games and getting the most play time. All the hate did nothing.

rockleex3457d ago

Why? Because more people have it.

Its obvious the PS3 is currently behind the 360 and Wii in sales. Less people have it, which means less play time it gets.

Just because PS3 owners are excited about First Party PS3 titles doesn't mean there aren't any Third Party titles. We still get the same multiplatform games the 360 gets. We just get more First Party titles than the 360 does. So I don't get what your point is.

Great Third Party titles coming to the PS3. FFXIII, FFXIII Versus, Tekken 6, Bioshock 2, Modern Warfare 2, etc.

The only Third Party Wii title I'm interested in is Monster Hunter. That's not a lot. O_o

Anon19743456d ago

Just look at Ubisoft who reported today. Despite an 8 million console lead by the 360 and almost 30 million by the Wii, the PS3 accounted for 20% of their sales last year followed by 19% for the 306 and 18% for the Wii. That fact that it's even close at all certainly indicates that a lot of fans around here aren't really focused on the reality of the games industry at the moment.

Anon19743457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Deny, deny deny and somehow make it all about Sony. It doesn't look like he even read the article.

And I'm the one in exile in the Open Zone. Sheesh.

solidjun53457d ago

Yea, it makes you wonder why that artard is still over there when he/she/it (I prefere "it") clearly belongs here. He's down to 4 bubbles but it seems to me he should be down more. Ahh well, I guess that's what multiple accounts will do for you. keeps you Afloat to spread SPAM and erroneous propanganda.

ChickeyCantor3457d ago

You know damn well why you are here =P.
But report if he does something against the rules, the same thing was used against you.

Anon19743457d ago

And rather than read the posts to figure out who the problems were the mods just deleted everyone's posts and slapped and Open Zone exile on for a couple of days.

I even reviewed the posting guidelines afterwards to see if there might have been something I missed. There wasn't. Not a single thing was wrong with my post's that were deleted. I simply was grouped in with the whole lot of them.

Meryl3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

lol do u actually know what your talking about i have a wii too and know one thing is for a fact there are too many shovelware titles out and not as many quality titles. What has the wii put out to the pedigree of lbp, mgs4, uncharted, ratchet and clank, killzone, vc chronicles etc.
i can only name mario, zelda, and metroid are even slightly close, the rest my friend are wanna-be hardcore or party games designed for one purpose only to bring in the cash
Oh an btw the wii is in decline at the mo, and if it don't get new ninty ips out soon it will be game over

ChickeyCantor3457d ago

" the rest my friend are wanna-be hardcore or party games designed for one purpose only to bring in the cash"

O NOOOEEES they want moneyyyy =D hahah
(i'm just messing)

I don't see why people are worried about their first party titles?
I mean its illogical to think they aren't in production( or scheduled).