Dark Spire Review (ZTGD)

Gambus Kahn writes: Old-school, what does this mean to you as a gamer? Does it mean inferior graphics, simple midi music, innocence, simplistic game control, or was it the need to strive in order to survive. I think that many people who are non-gamers look back at old-school gaming and automatically assume that simplistic controls equals easy. However, enthusiast gamers know better than that, we remember the days of learning every single element of a game, because it was just the only way to survive. When I picked up my copy of the Dark Spire, I pretty much knew what to expect, old-school gameplay combined with old-school graphics and aesthetics. What I didn't expect was how The Dark Spire would change me as a gamer, it wasn't just the splash of nostalgia that this game conveys but it reawakened the need to strive, the need to survive, and the need to become fully involved and become one with the game in order to even advance.

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Hisiru3521d ago

awesome and addictive game.