Amazon restocks PS3 MGS4 80GB bundle

Retailer this week restocked Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack after the SKU held a discontinued status at retail.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack, which includes software-based backwards compatibility, held a price of $499.99, above the current $399 80GB SKU.

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ghostface3489d ago

Still have my white box in storage.

WildArmed3489d ago

I'd recommend it to anyone.
I think the graphics and dynamic gameplay are enough 2 keep ppl interested even if the skip all the cut scenes lol

(fuk u Akira)

btw, wasn't this bundle supposed to be Limited?
w/e more MGS4 for everyone! Yay!

ultimolu3489d ago

I haven't beaten it yet and I'm on the last act.

I have all the games I need to beat stack up close to my PS3.

ravinash3489d ago

One of the best games out there.
If you like a little thought in a game and something with depth to it.
Its not just a run, shoot and blow things up game.

irish-leprecaun3489d ago

beat this to goty. i still have to buy lil big planet.

lsujester3489d ago

So did they find some of these bundles in somebody's basement or something? I thought these were long gone.

BWS19823489d ago

I got at Circuit City (RIP) last August, don't regret a single penny put forth that day....Incredible bundle (BC ftw!!)

Marcelles253489d ago

i got my full backwards compatibility launch
sixty gig for this much

kewlkat0073489d ago

You must be savoring MGS4 as if it was a dessert.

Anyhow best game ever currently for the PS3. Not a big MGS fanatic but best stealth game I've played so far, this gen.So still my favorite PS3 game. Though I also do enjoy Splinter Cell series and waiting for that one, whenever that's out.

BWS19823489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

but even if you got a launch version of the 60 gig for $500, an 80 gig with MGS4, a Dual Shock 3 controller (not sure if any 60 GB had them) and a free Pain voucher (it's an okay game, but it's a $10 value for free, I guess...) all for $500 isn't too bad either, I don't regret it....

rockleex3488d ago

I should have waited to get THIS version instead of the newer no BC 80GB version. >_<

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kurochi3489d ago

I'm still in the middle of this game. This is a great game. Too think, I've still got Valkyria Chronicles and K2 to get through...... all before Infamous and Uncharted drops..... All I gotta say is that it's good to be a PS3 owner this year. Well worth the wait!

BYE3489d ago

You're lucky, I wish I was still in the middle of this game ;)

LarVanian3489d ago

Jeez its hard to believe MGS4 has been out for almost a year.
By tomarrow GTAIV will have been out for a year.

Salta_nelas3489d ago

There is your chance to play the best game this gen.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3489d ago

Great deal for a great system.Now is the time xbot sheep to enjoy high quality next-gen gameplay only found on the Playstation 3

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The story is too old to be commented.