Midway Announces Princess Debut: The Royal Ball

That Gaming Site writes: "Today Midway Games has announced a European distribution deal for Natsume Inc's upcoming DS rhythm game Princess Debut: The Royal Ball."

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Elven63493d ago

Damn those Europeans get another exclusive!!!

pangitkqb3493d ago

My dream game come true!

Elven63493d ago

heh, we laugh now but potentially these are the types of games Warner is buying Midway for. :O

spydersvenom3493d ago

Haven't played a bad rhythm game on the DS yet (and Elite Beat Agents was quite campy), so this may have potential. Ironically the DS has much more promise for rhythm games over the PSP. I may give it a try...maybe...

caladbolg7773493d ago

Princess Debut: The Royal Ball set to outsell GTA: Chinatown Wars.

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jimineyscrickets3493d ago

and become increasingly embarrassing. Do you kill anything in this game?

Elven63493d ago

Your dignity....

Probably shouldn't knock it, the game could be great, maybe...I think?

Elven63493d ago

Well Natsume is behind it so that is something at least, then again the game could be crap!

thomo18883493d ago

GOTY Right here folks! Game of the decade!

gameplayingfool3493d ago

Game of the decade everyone, Princess Debut: The Royal Ball. The standard has been raised.

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