Anno 1404 Dated

IncGamers report that Anno 1404, the PC title of Ubisoft's RTS title, will be arriving on 26th June.

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thetamer3493d ago

Finally, a date. I hope it's not as cartoony as they want to make it. I know how these games work!

Leord3493d ago

I think "cartoony" often work fine on PC games.

Cogo3493d ago

I prefer realistic all the way. Not a huge fan of "WoWism".

Leord3493d ago

Oh, wow, I think that's gorgeous!

Fyzzu3493d ago

I do wonder about how this is going to turn out. I have some unresolved fears, shall we say.

Leord3493d ago

I haven't followed it too closely. What's wrong with it?

JOEdANGEL3493d ago

There was a copy of one of the games in this series at my local library. It looked cheesy so I passed it up.