PSN Essential Maintenance: Today!

MusterBuster writes
Hey folks,

In about an hour (4PM BST) PSN will undergo essential maintenance.

If you are signed in to PSN before the maintenance commences, you should not experience any problem. If you attempt to sign in during the maintenance, your sign in may be denied. Account Management and the PlayStation Store may also be temporarily unavailable. Online Gaming should not be interrupted, provided that you are signed in to PSN.

We anticipate that this maintenance will finish at 20:30 BST - however the effects on PSN Sign-ins should only last until 18:30 BST.

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caffman3402d ago

why not do it all in one go?

piam453402d ago

after work damn u.....

WildArmed3402d ago

Try to get someone to log you in?

But I am in the same boat.
Will be at college till late.. and when i get home.. no online gaming! :(

(I'll live, gotta go hunt down those UT3 Insane trophies.. been slacking off on that)

agentace3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

lol dont worry you can still sign in during maintance even tho they say you cant, me and everyone i know has always been able to sign in every time they have done maintance, dunno why they even tell us there doing maintance we would never know but i guess it would effect a few people??

WildArmed3401d ago

yeah, came home and got online on Burnout just fine :D

Darkaber3402d ago

Yeah what a bad time :/

NickyFinn3402d ago

time to play fallout n mgs4 then no kz2 or cod4 for me :(

nix3402d ago

and i thought i was kicked out off PSN. been trying for 2 hours.