Kotaku: Dead Rising 2 Preview

Kotaku: ""I'm pretty happy today because finally, finally, I can show you Dead Rising 2." - Keiji Inafune, head of research and development at Capcom.

The original Dead Rising may have been a technological breakthrough, a wonder of body count and open-world exploration, but what really sold it for me, and for many, was the game's heart.

It had personality, most of it packed into gruff photojournalist lead Frank West. So when the curtain was raised on Dead Rising 2 last week, I was hoping for a glimpse at the game's soul. What we got instead was a detailed run through of its engine.

Dead Rising 2 wasn't built on the shambling corpse of Dead Rising, instead Canadian developers Blue Castle started from scratch creating a new engine written specifically for the new game."

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SIdepocket3488d ago

This looks amazing, even compared to the first one.