Eurogamer: Lost Planet 2 Preview

Eurogamer: "Planet: Extreme Condition was Western in principle but Japanese in execution, so it's no surprise when producer Jun Takeuchi - taking over from R&D boss Keiji Inafune, who's up to his jugular in the blood and guts of Dead Rising 2 - announces that the sequel owes a lot to "Call of Duty". Us either. Apparently it's quite big on the internet.

After putting a lot of support into Lost Planet's own online community - with a leaderboard-tracking community website, numerous content updates and a redux version of the game called Lost Planet: Colonies - it's safe to say that Takeuchi and his colleagues share Activision's intent in that area too. There's four-player campaign co-op this time, more customisation options than Starbucks, and a dedicated "My Page" channel in-game to track levelling, DLC releases and boards. Although there's little exact word on multiplayer modes, Takeuchi says to expect Fox Hunt to return, along with others from Colonies."

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