Eurogamer: Dead Rising 2 Preview

Eurogamer: "Of all the Japanese studios gunning for global acceptance (and at this point it basically is all of them), Capcom is taking the greatest strides. Bionic Commando, Dark Void and Spyborgs have all been produced by Western studios, and Dead Rising 2 is the latest to follow suit, designed by Canadian developer Blue Castle Games. Combined with more widespread use of Capcom's feted MT Framework multi-platform engine technology, it makes for a global strategy in every sense.

You worry though, listening to Capcom R&D chief Keiji Inafune talk about the game, that the publisher is in danger of missing a vital point. "I was actually shocked to hear that a lot of the Western press, as well as Western gamers, were saying that it looks like a Western game on the outside, but on the inside it still feels very Japanese," Inafune says of the first Dead Rising, speaking through translator Ben Judd. "With Dead Rising 2, one of the internal goals that we had for ourselves was to truly make a Western game, to make it down to the core what a Western game is."

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