Top 5 False 360 Rumours

OXM UK has listed the top five Xbox 360 rumours that never actually came true.

The list ranks the rumours based on the outrage caused, plausibility and the slight chance that some of them still might come true...

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morganfell3488d ago

I place the personalized store on Live where I could sell everything from Mods to Tshirts higher than the RE4 remake.

kickaski3487d ago

velocity girl can sell her custom skateboard design! Live anywhere! xbox 360 will reach a billion people!

All-33487d ago

LOL - come on now. You are claiming that there is ZERO lag on PSN servers??? Haha HA!

--> We care about our customers.. not just milking them for every penny

Riiight... what is the cost of Qore again? How much for all the items for your Home space? Where's an included HDMI cable for your PS3? Where's an included component cable? Sony nickle and dimes as well as anyone. Wake up.

--> You can trust us

What happened to backwards compatibility with PS2 games on the PS3?

What happened to Sony's stance that "rumble" was last-gen? Didn't you have to go out and buy ANOTHER PS3 controller when the DualShock 3 was released?

What happened to Sony stance about "multiple skues confusing consumers?"

Aren't current PS3s downgraded in many areas vs the initial PS3 releases?

And what did Sony say about PSP dead pixel, and button issues previously? Come on!

Killzone 2 E3 '05 footage was "real-time" graphics?

Or when Sony was claiming to journalists that the Sixaxis controller actually won an Emmy for contributions to game design.

Errrr... Sony - “The Sixaxis beat out the Wii-mote?”

Christine Chin: "I understand you had contacted Cheryl Daly, Director of Communications at NATAS to confirm if Sony won for their PS3 controller. This is incorrect, Sony won for their dual shock analog controller. The award is from the Video Game Technology Group. It was nominated by our internal group and considered along with the Nintendo D-Pad both of which were considered Emmy worthy for the development of the generation of controllers that followed the classic joysticks. I would like to confirm that Sony did not win for their PS3 controller, they won for their Dual Shock Analog controller."

Sony's claims were lies. The award was for the original dual shock controller... not for any PS3 controller.

-EvoAnubis-3487d ago

I think the post you meant to respond to is down a bit.

Sheddi3487d ago

RROD covers at least half of those things IMO.

agentace3487d ago

"Where's an included HDMI cable for your PS3? Where's an included component cable?"

Ha lol 2 cables, oh no thats a whole £2
360:Wheres the included HDD,wheres the included wifi,wheres the included rechargeable controllers.

now if i`ve done my maths right i think an extra £200 is more than an extra £2

ThanatosDMC3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I kid you not. PSN dedicated servers has no lag. Best example is the chaos in Warhawk. It'd be impossible to snipe a warhawk with lag.

If you dont have a PS3, go check out youtube videos. No lag gameplay.

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ShabzS3488d ago

a blu ray 360 and mgs4 on 360 .. hands down winners

MGOelite3488d ago

theres a mgs4 on 360 rumour every couple of months, we are due for one soon actually lol

rockleex3488d ago

Is that there will be a "MGS4 coming to 360" article soon.

But that was just part of his joke.


that shouldnt happen anymore. times have changed

caseh3487d ago

"Watch out for Kojima's next interview, where a token and non-commital such as "I'm very excited about my next project" will be interpreted as OMG MGS4 ON DA 360 LOLOLOLOL."

lmao thats so true, like the little teaser which turned out to be mgs for iphone. Classic.

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Fan Tastic3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

#1 We've fixed our shoddy hardware on revision number 23.. New vulture chip's do not break, please buy another 360.

#2 We have the best 1st part software. Pay no attention to the Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, GT5, Ratchet and Clank, MGS4, Warhawk, etc

#3 We care about our customers.. not just milking them for every penny (see post 1)

#4 Live > PSN.. You really don't want lag free dedicated servers that the PSN provides for free. Paying for laggy gaming is better.

#5 You can trust us

Darrius Cole3488d ago

#4 has got to be the best one.

aueslander3487d ago

MGS4 was a third party, not first. Also, Sony cares about their customers? THis from the company that charges $150 for an HDD or disk read error as opposed to MS who, while the rrod is a bit much, still fixes them for free.

Also, wasnt Sony the company who boasted that the high price of the PS3 was no big deal since people would work overtime to buy one?

Yea, they care..

Bucky Sligo3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

The PSN and XBL both uses a mixure of dedicated servers and peer-to-peer hosting. L4D, Bad Company, almost all EA games use dedicated servers on XBL. Why don't you take it to the open zone where this type of trolling is allowed?

Also at point 3, how many PS3 owners needed to rebuy a controller because of the "rumble is last gen" crap by Sony? Of course you can trust sony ;)

phosphor1123487d ago

@ aueslander

Ms fixes their consoles for free to avoid lawsuits and a recall. Sony's failure rate is well below the 1% know..where the acceptable failure rate is within the 1-3% range. I could go on about MS's amazing hardware...but I won't.

@ Bucky Sligo

Yes, XBL DOES have dedicated servers, BUT like you said, they are the EA servers, while other "flagship" titles that are exclusive to the 360 do not have dedicated servers, like Halo 3. Gears of War doesn't need any because it only uses 8 players, and the main reason why THAT game lags is because Epic fails...get it? lol. That one isn't MS's fault. But anyway, PSN has a lot of Dedicated servers. Resistance 2, Warhawk, MGO, even UT3 uses dedicated servers (include all the same EA games as well). Yes there is a misconception about PSN being a dedicated server ONLY service, when it isn't. Yes it provides more of them than the 360, but it's not large difference like people think. Also, PSN is free, while its consistent with its connections also.

Oh, and I bought a DS3, I admit it, but thats because I wanted to let my friends play MP with me. Also, the reason why rumble was "last gen" is because Sony was in a lawsuit with what was it, Immersion? MS settled, thus being able to put it in their games at release, while Sony fought (and lost).

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Anon19743488d ago

This rumor keeps surfacing every now and then, but it's never been confirmed by Microsoft. I wish they'd just out and address the issue. "Yes, RROD sucked but the Jasper board is safe. Have at er."

I guess it doesn't matter. I bought a lauch 360 that's been replaced 4 times now and I just can't bring myself to play on it anymore because I just know this refubed console MS sent me will die the second I get into something. I suppose if MS has fixed RROD, that's only good news for those that buy the console going forward.

Reporting from my exile in the Open Zone. *sigh*

Pennywise3488d ago

It sure is a lonely place.

I still think gamer/open zone was a better idea in concept.

Anon19743488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It's like being thrown onto the short bus for a 6 hour trip. It's surprising most of the open zone posters can type a sentence without drooling all over themselves and wrecking their keyboards.

And to think, I'm in exile currently for simply pointing out that MS makes a lot of money off XBL and it's a smart move to offer free Gold weekends to expand that base. Apparently it's taboo among 360 fans to discuss how much money Microsoft makes off XBL fees.

Go figure. I would have thought the mods would read the comments rather than a knee jerk exile because some 360 fans got themselves all bent up over it.

ShabzS3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

i thought they just removed your post ... i dont know why anyone would argue that microsoft makes primary money from xbl and console sales.. some ppl just dont wanna hear it...

JeffGUNZ3487d ago

Every comment I see is you bashing the 360. For someone who dislikes the 360 and has so much negative things to say about it, you sure spend a lot of time the XBOX 360 SECTION. They don't ban you for making constructive posts, they ban you when you just troll sites like a fanboy. open zone is where you belong.

LJWooly3487d ago

You guys are all like the people in the party that stand in the nerd corner drinking orange juice.


Can I join? :(

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Jonty3488d ago

Blu-ray on 360 will never, ever, happen. Microsoft would rather bring back HD-DVD than pay Sony for every 360 sold.

Fan Tastic3488d ago

MS just follows the money, they've already began endorsing blu-ray. Their half baked supported of HD DVD was only in hopes that both would fail in favor of DD. They've come to realize that battle is lost and that supporting blu will bring them the biggest $$$.

However don't count on a blu-ray drive this generation for the 360. Next generation's Xbox will have a blu-ray drive without a doubt. They aren't going to piss off a ton of developers like they did this gen by having such a small storage medium again.

Bnet3433488d ago

That's not true. Windows OS are on Sony Viao laptops. It's not like they hate each other, they just compete on the same markets on some things. Same thing with Apple back in the day when Microsoft saved their asses and invested in Apple stocks or w/e that mess was. BR on 360 could happen.

kevinberger3488d ago

All companies follow the money. What most of you fail to realize is that Sony and Microsoft are multi-BILLION dollar corporations, that care about the bottom line. PERIOD. They only care about the consumer when we get off our fat, beer-swilling, game playing posteriors, and hit pause on KZ2 or Gears and complain loud and long enough....or the system breaks.

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