New Lost Planet 2 footage surfaces

Gavin Ogden from CVG writes:

"Capcom has released a new trailer for Lost Planet 2, which is only on the cards for 360 at the moment. As you'll see it's a video about smashing a massive bug to death using the power of co-op. We're officially pumped for Lost Planet 2."

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Jok3r3516d ago

Lost Planet 2 is one of the best looking game I have ever seen!!
Bravo Capcom!!


it does look sick doesn't it.

I loved the first game, i seem to be one of the few.. so i am really looking forward to this.

Bnet3433516d ago

Amazing! It looks like great co-op fun. Damn this trailer got me a little pumped up. And best of all not a single hitch in framerate. Beautiful game right here. That very good Capcom.

Dark_Vendetta3516d ago

Capcom did a damn good job with the engine!

original seed3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

That has to be the best looking game i've seen so far. The colors are great. Hardly any grey.

EDIT- Need to watch it in HD. This is what i expect my games to look like.

jib3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

loved the 1st one too. LP2 is looking bea-u-ti-ful

u got owned3516d ago

This game is looking impressive, the first one was good lets see how they improve on this one.

JOLLY13516d ago

the disagree haters sure are out in force today.

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N4PS3G3516d ago

holy fuk!...that was amazing..the monster .the grass ...wasn't expecting this

360 man3516d ago

i have never seen grass effects in a video game like that

that was absalutely amazing

it truly shows that 360 can indeed go further

Fishy Fingers3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I think Flower certainly gives it a run for it's money when it come to the grass. But it does look fantastic, the Engine has come a long way.

360 man3516d ago

but i thought u need the magical cell processor to achieve graphics such as these

OmarJA3516d ago

Sorry kid, looks like a PS1 game compared to Uncharted 1... :D

It really sad that you are resorting to multiplatform games to brag about what the 360 can do... :(

chaosatom3516d ago

lol, it's multiplatform. There is no way you can spin that.

Bumpmapping3516d ago

Graphics are not impressive Uncharted 2 makes it look like a wii game

360 man3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

looooooooool sure it does

i think your just tryna justify your £299/$399 purchase

i think i sense desperation

DNAgent3516d ago

I think you're trying to justify not having any games this year by latching onto a multiplatform game (we all know it will be multiplatform as the first game was and Capcom said they are done making exclusive games and if it is considered to be an exclusive then it will just mean that PS3 stole another exclusive from the 360 and then the xbots will get all butthurt again and talk about sales like they usually do when they have no games).

In any case, the first game sucked so I wouldn't bother playing this game anyways. Maybe the first game was better on the PS3 I don't know, but I played it on the 360 and it was terrible.

I have way too many AAA games to look forward to this year to even consider giving this game a chance.

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