Dead Rising 2 boasts 7,000 rendered zombies

NowGamer: Dead Rising 2 will increase the amount of on-screen zombies in the original Dead Rising by a massive 6,500

During the first in-game demonstration of Dead Rising 2 in Monte Carlo last week, developer Blue Castle showed off new technology that allows them to power 7,000 rendered characters, the largest amount ever seen in a game.

"With Dead Rising 1 the main idea at Capcom time was that up until that point we had only the Resident Evil series that had 20-30 zombies...

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WildArmed3491d ago

a zombie stuck in a corner and doesn't bother getting out?
But i believe :D I loved DR (first one)
And the second one if gonna be betta!

(fuk u Akira)

CaseyRyback_CPO3491d ago

isn't technically demanding.

just saying.

lsujester3491d ago

My biggest concern is that if I have to kill that many zombies, I'm going to need some weapons that don't degrade after you kill five of them. There's no reason for a golf club to last five minutes of constant clubbing, while a chainsaw will only run for twenty seconds.

lowcarb3491d ago

And sense when did zombies start to have Ai? As long as they go to you to feed I'm happy.

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DNAgent3491d ago

I'd be amazed if I never played Heavenly Sword.

Fishy Fingers3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

They're fortunate zombies are generally stupid creatures. Sounds fantastic, hopefully they have a nice selection of models not just a bunch of clones. Sure I read somewhere they've come up with some tech to help with that.

Bring on the body parts.

xlx-russ_923491d ago

i agree, zombies are dumb, but i have a question how many zombies can wii render? lol

siyrobbo3491d ago

sounds a bit overkill if you ask me, 7000? hope we dont end up with 7fps

WildArmed3491d ago

lol. I think they atleast have a 30fps render.
Maybe they were talking about high end PCs 4 7k zombies?

I wonder how the textures will look like.

lsujester3491d ago

Well, the thing is you barely have to render most of them. With 7k on the screen, most will be far off, so probably won't be much more than colored shapes. Sort of like Dynasty Warriors or Ninety-Nine Nights... they're there, but not doing anything.

Nelson M3491d ago

There would be 100,000 Rendered zombies
And no LaG
Yes BoTs you even Suffer Lag on a Single Player Game

TheColbertinator3491d ago


Single player games don't lag.They have have framerate drops and screen tearing.Only online games have lag.

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The story is too old to be commented.