8 things every Wii owner should know

The Wii is simple but deep. Here are eight ways to get the most out of Nintendo's newest system, with tips straight from the experts at GamePro.

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n4f3190d ago

i know about this ever since they show the wii menu

Smacktard3190d ago

Well, I reported this story, seeing as how this place is "News for Gamers" and not "News for Non-Gamers", and that every gamer should ALREADY KNOW THIS STUFF, but I guess some people are morons and approved this story. Ho hum.

Mariodotjpg3190d ago

"Keep your Wii Remote charged!"

Nooo, REALLY? I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge to keep your Wii Remote charged, seeing as how battery power is required in order to properly utilize the Wii and its games.

N4Gn00b3190d ago

Did they just said the Meele is a Wii game?

SaiyanFury3190d ago

Fun? Every time I here friend codes referenced, it's somebody complaining about them, not praising them.

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