New Need For Speed Undercover Screenshots And Details Emerge writes:

"The never-ending wait for EA's highly anticipated Need for Speed Undercover for the iPhone continues, but at least we have some new screenshots and details to hold us over."

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Odie3365d ago

More gaming content is normally good.

TheIneffableBob3365d ago

Looks better than the PSP version.

Montrealien3365d ago

enlighten me, what makes it looks better? And I am positive it won't run as well as the psp version.

nbsmatambo3365d ago

@ 2.1

you dont know that yet..

Montrealien3365d ago

from all the racing games I have had on my Iphone up until now, and all the NFS games I have had on my PSP, I am ready to bet money. dare to take the wager? ;P

FuzzyChinchilla3365d ago

need for speed is a fun game NO MATTER WHAT it's played on!