Stardust HD Developer Housemarque Working on Three New IPs

Housemarque revealed today that the Finnish Stardust HD developer is making three new IPs for various systems.

"They're both in matters we haven't dealt with before," said CEO and co-founder Ilari Kuittinen. "One of the games is a PSN exclusive for Sony again, continuing our good relationship with them. And that's gonna be as far as we know, announced at Cologne."

"We are doing also currently our first multiplatform game, for a leading publisher," he continued. "Again, something different from the past. We haven't done this kind of a game genre before."

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Slime3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

With the power of the 360 maybe they can make a game that can compete with Geometry Wars 2.

CrAppleton3436d ago

I loved both Stardust HD and Geo. Wars

nycredude3436d ago

With the power of some brain cells maybe you can move over to the open zone where you belong.

Bren863436d ago

SSHD is one of my faverite games. I'd like to see some new planets for it though.

Karum3436d ago

SSHD is a great game so looking forward to see what new games these guys come up with.

Rhezin3436d ago

I'd have to say that Geometry Wars 2 takes the cake. I really hope he makes SSDHD 2.