State of the PSP: April 2009

The Power Review: Now in the fifth year of the portable console's lifecycle, the PSP has made huge strides over the years. From humble beginnings, Sony has become the first console to successfully survive against the reigning portable industry juggernaut, Nintendo. With each iteration of the PSP, Sony has improved its functionality: internet interface, VOIP calling, PSP Plus (Resistance Retribution) just to name a few. But just as people are starting to doubt whether this console really has the legs to make it, Sony has turned their lineup into high gear.

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UNCyrus3516d ago

PSP has a blockbuster lineup this year so packed full of AAA's that it rivals the home consoles

sukru3515d ago

I'd like to bu another PSP (game mine to my brother). However there are no games that makes me exited as Chains of Olympus or Crisis Core did.

News4fanboys3515d ago

i thought the PSP released in 05?

STK0263515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

it was out in late 04 in japan i think.

also, regarding the article, Sony bend made Resistance on PSP. not insomniac.

UNCyrus3515d ago

Feb 05 in the US.... that makes this it's 5th year

Close_Second3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

...GT and LBP Portable.

Resistance Retribution had great production values but fell a bit flat in terms of gameplay. It seemed like most of the game you were just walking from one piece of cover to another and shooting enemies once you got there. On-line play was ruined by those who quickly worked out you could camp with a rocket launcher to win a game. Gets old real fast.

The PSP needs friends lists and trophy support like the PS3.

Iceman1003515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

it's dead jim

"PSP has a blockbuster lineup this year so packed full of AAA's that it rivals the home consoles"

lol and those are?

UNCyrus3515d ago

wow... you obviously missed the "read full article button"...