Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima Coming to PC

IncGamers reports that the Brain Training franchise will be coming to PC next month with the release of Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima.


IncGamers are now hosting a one-challenge demo of the game, which clocks in at around 2mb and is downloadable from the news post.

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thetamer3221d ago

I thought they would have had enough on the Tendy consoles. I suppose it doesnt' matter though, as Kawashima ain't gonna see no money from this venture anyway!

Leord3221d ago

Hehe, no, probably not :)

Leord3221d ago

I'm wondering if it will be a hit on PC, really...

Cogo3221d ago

This is the sort of game that's awesome in a handheld console, but not on a big screen.. I can't see myself using this.

Dorjan3221d ago

cute for the DS, for PC?

Gun_Senshi3221d ago

Dr. Kawashima is Insult to Psycology professors like Dr. Edward De Bono, who invented Lateral thinking, brain storming, and everything we use today.