Rumor: inFamous Trophy List Leaked

GOONL!NE: "Announced yesterday for a May 29th release date in the UK, it seems that before the game is even out, the trophy list for inFamous has been leaked."

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II Necroplasm II3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Looks like the platinum will not be too hard to get in the game. will take time of course.

micro_invader3516d ago

Yeah, obviously if you're going to look at the game's trophies there will be spoilers.

I'm just skimming over them quickly.

Lifendz3516d ago

I'll wait till I have the game in my hands.

Why o why3516d ago

agreed. minimum 2 play throughs doesn't seem too harsh

Beast_Master3516d ago

I am really going to try for the Plat trophy in this game.

Baka-akaB3516d ago

well there werent any ...

unless you consider knowing the name of a place a spoiler

callahan093516d ago

This is cool. I'm glad that the trophies seem split 50/50 for doing it on Good and Evil. Some games only have like 1 trophy / achievement different for choosing between Good and Evil. This truly encourages playing the game twice. A single trophy / achievement isn't much encouragement at all, but this is great.

legendkilla3516d ago

Wow! I like that you will have to play through the game a few times too collect the platinum!!!

TheExecutive3516d ago

there are 12 trophies that are dedicated to the same action just "good or evil". It also appears that the game may be on the short side.

jBat173516d ago

it's best to look at the trophy list before you start the game.. this gives you an idea on how to approach the game and get all the trophies ASAP.

from this list it seems like.. i'll beat the game as Good guy and get all the stunts and shards. then, on the second play through, beat the game as inFamous on the hard mode.

callahan093516d ago

While you're correct about how to most efficiently get trophies, Jbat, I must say that the focus of playing a videogame should still be all about the fun first, and trophies as an auxiliary goal to having fun with your game.

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Lucreto3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

There are a lot of trophies for this game. It looks like I will enjoy this game. It looks like I will have to play it at least 3 times to get 100%

off topic question
Where is the best place to trade in games GAME,gamestop or Xtravision(if you like in Ireland you will know this one is)

I plan to trade "Oblivion" (original version) PS3, "Destroy all humans 3" PS3 and "More brain training. (unopened still with nintendo seal)"

Johnny Cullen3516d ago


Check about and see.

Lucreto3516d ago

Sadly I don't have the time to do anything like that so I thought I could get some idea of the price before I trade in.

FreestyleBarnacle3516d ago

That lot and CEX have online stores where you can check the price they will give but direct is always better. Play or Amazon maybe for that or good old ebay.

Rama262853516d ago

CEX are usually pretty good, you can even check their website to see what price they offer for games. I'm sure I've seen GameStation advertise they wont be beaten on trade-in prices too.

You will always get more if you trade-in for instore credit so you have to take that into account also.

Johnny Cullen3516d ago

Sorry if I was a bit vague, I was writing on the Wii. Anyways, I use Game and GameStop to trade games and truth be told, even with a friend in GameStop, I go for Game most of the time.

Dipso3516d ago

Gamestop are usually a rip off on the trade-ins but I don't think Xtravision are much better to be honest. Unfortunately shopping around is your best bet. I've never tried Game so I'd go with Johnny's advice.

I_am_rushin3516d ago

Definately I'm pretty sure they work in Europe, but I don't know what countries.

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Bengoshi-San3516d ago

::rubs hands together::


crillyconlig3516d ago

... you will have to go throught the game a few times, one with good and the other with bad karma.

SaveMeJeebus3516d ago

Yeah I thought there would have already been an article the other day but I guess I was wrong, for the real first people to know was
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