Fearing the Reaper - Gaming's cold hand of death

Bliksem from Lazygamer writes "If you're an Xbox360 user, than you're probably peering suspiciously at your white box's power button, chomping away at the bloody stumps that once were your finger tips. Don't worry, I've been there too. Fearfully awaiting the day that your green ring of fun turns a darker shade of red and abruptly gives you the proverbial finger. Alas, that day awaits most of us.

Most Xbox360 users have had to face the cold shoulder of the RROD or Red Ring of Death, as they like to call it. Don't get me wrong, there are still those select few who are joyfully riding along on Lady Luck's coat tails."

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ShabzS3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

... fearing the reaper ... well put.

hitthegspot3515d ago

Thought it was going to be flame bait, but it was a good read. Nice story.

BTW I'm one of the lucky "few" and I'm sure there are more than 3 of us out there...

ShabzS3515d ago

i'm one of the lucky few too buddy

NewZealander3515d ago

yep im one of the lucky few too, well kind of, i forced my launch console to red ring before the warranty ended so i could get updated hardware, wasnt easy tho.

but ive got two consoles and never had a real red ring.

hitthegspot3515d ago

Wow. For a second I thought we found the "few". But NewZealander you are out of the "few". How dare you destroy a perfectly good xbox only to get another perfectly good xbox. Don't you realize you are throwing off numbers. If it wasn't for you the author might have had to change "few" to "several".

Good day sir.


XLiveGamer3515d ago

and they keep posting RROD articles

sorry folks the RROD and E74 are dying and becoming things of the past