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Submitted by DolphGB 2480d ago | article

PS3 Attitude's Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic

In just a few short weeks, we are going to have one of the biggest E3's in quite some time. Sony are limbering up for a showdown of epic proportions, and doubtless the competition are taking a similar stance. (EyePet, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain , Home, PS3)

Colieo_87  +   2480d ago
Like the ideas
Some are some solid gusse work and others are pretty going be there, god or war 3 playable demo i can pretty much smell in the air, price drop and psp 2 for sure. But as of new IP games i gusse well just wait and see cant wait for E3 to come soon enough game on.
rockleex  +   2480d ago
Anyone remember that...
Free music store thing Sony showed off last year?

They showed it during the same presentation of the Video Store. But they said it won't release until this year.

Hopefully Sony shows it at E3 again. ^_^
FlameBaitGod  +   2480d ago
Yeh they said it would be ready by April.
Naucious  +   2480d ago
lol @ "The PS3 Attitude correspondent gets on the wrong flight and winds up somewhere in Kentucky."

that was gutts lol

n e ways i hoping 5 things to be announced ( Besides the show case of games we already know about and firmware and updates that im sure they will announce)

I listed them in order from most likely being #1 and least likely #5

1. (New IP Games) especially that top secret game that they really have a tight lid on to be showcased in a trailer or something

2. A new prepherial PSP2 would be sick and well intergrated with the PS3 better than the PSP

3. A Music Store they would really make a killing if a music store came out, that would be something that the gaming industry hasn't touched and im sure many artist would take advantage of that, look at 50 Cent he put a whole list of new tracks on home

4. A price drop, its seems almost inevitable if they dont do this theres just way way way too much talk about it

5.A store just based on old PS/Ps2 games to download and re-live (far fetched I know)

other thoughts was a slim PS3, drop support of the PS2, B/C coming back in consoles... the list goes on and on

agree and disagree's welcomed
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gregory247  +   2480d ago
how could they forget MSG5... didn't konomi say that they would announce something in regards to MGS at E3
Foxgod  +   2480d ago
Arent you people getting tired of those playstation pizza promises?
You people keep getting disappointed again and again, and still the lot of you remain gullible.
Naar  +   2480d ago
cry more :)
the more you cry the more iam happey :)
PatDH  +   2480d ago
Seriously.. just go away. Go hide in your dark room and cry.. probably be more productive then trolling on every sony based thread you can.
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Foxgod  +   2480d ago
I am not crying, its not me whos hoping for great announcements from Sony that always turn out to be fudge.
thor  +   2480d ago
Nah Foxgod's right here. You're only setting yourself up for disappointment. If they announce 1 new game, that's great news, but you will feel disappointed because you expect so much more. Remember TGS last year? Exactly. People were even disappointed when Sony revealed GoW3 AND MAG in the same conference!
nycredude  +   2480d ago
Foxgod and Thor
Why dont you two go get a room and F*&k yourselves. All you two do is troll all the Ps3 news and have nothing but negative shiat to say. Go play games or something. Oh I forgot you have nothing to play. I feel sorry for you guys.

I have a question for both you trolls. What are the other consoles doing to service their fans? Who is working the hardest to please their fanbase? What games the other consoles have planned this year and next?

Quit the act kids cause you both look like butthurt, bitter, trolls.

Edit: It wouldn't be so painful for you if you guys just get with the program. Sony is only doing what they've always done with all their consoles. Utilizing their first and second party connections to provided many great games spanning many genres for all their fans. They did the same with Ps1, Ps2, and now Ps3 and psp.
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cereal_killa  +   2480d ago
Once again Fox why do you care you dont own a PS3. let the PS3 owners say what they want when it comes to E3 everyone has there hope of what they want to see there just like every 360 owner hopes to hell that M$ announces something for them to play this year besides Halo I certainly hope that M$ has something up there sleeve besides DLC and something that use to be an exclusive to Sony now multi-plat.
n to the b  +   2480d ago
sonyfans shouldn't get c0cky just yet. how many times will u fall for the amazing exclusive announcement that doesn't actually get released for YEARS? or the cg trailer that sony pretends is in-game footage?

that being said, I predict sony > MS at E3 2009 by sheer weight of numbers. even if many sony exclusives won't come out for a while there r so many that it's ok to expect some will come in a more reasonable amount of time.
PatDH  +   2479d ago
@ n to the b
Oh.. you mean like that halo 3 trailer that they said was in-game footage? Or the screenshot of Gears 2? You mean like that?
Bigrhyno  +   2480d ago
I would have disagree on MAG not making an appearance. We have every reason to believe MAG will be there. Recent screenshots have appeared, there are rumors that a beta will launch this summer, and the playstation blog included MAG in their pre-E3 questionnaire last week.
jessehaysfl  +   2480d ago
FFVII (psone)released on the day of sony E3 presentation.
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Salta_nelas  +   2480d ago
Every year the media hypes E3 as the best in

Still, i believe it will be better than last year, but not better than 2007 when they shown KZ2 running. That was crazy, the whole interweb was in denail!
Salta_nelas  +   2480d ago
At least PS3 keeps getting cool announcements and exclusive original games unlike MS.
Foxgod  +   2480d ago
You mean that the ps3 is getting possible rumored announcements that in the end never happen, or turn out to be a lame fest.
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PopEmUp  +   2480d ago
you meant Alan Wake or Alan Sleep? :P
cereal_killa  +   2480d ago
Fox you know you sound more intelligent with your mouth shut.
n to the b  +   2480d ago
dont' forget Too Human. except both of those were announced BEFORE ms changed their announcing tactics to holding games closer to their proverbial vest/chest.

I admit ms still shows Alan Wake, but it's the ONLY game I know of where they do that. compared with the majority of big sony exclusives that get announced way early.

@PopEmUp and cereal_killa: I guess u sound more intelligent with YOUR mouths shut.
DolphGB  +   2480d ago
I still reckon the EU video store will finally make an appearance, and will probably be available within moments of being announced, since that's Sony's favourite trick-du-jour
interrergator  +   2480d ago
i hope they announce some psone titles on my system so i can play some old games i used to know and love
NickyFinn  +   2480d ago
same my FFIX n FFVII discs are in bad shape wouldnt mind being able to download them
JUST GIVE ME A SOLID REALEASE DATE FOR GOW3 and ill be a happy chappy :D
DELTABOY04  +   2480d ago
lol foxgod
you bitter bitter boy...Sony has been spanking microsoft on the game front lately microsoft cant even get a rumor of a good game announcement. In the end sony fans will celebrate at the end of E3 you xbots will be trying to figure out what went wrong lol
PopEmUp  +   2480d ago
I'm not sure
If I care for anymore announcement, since I'm not sure I have enough money for all these Exclusive, but man Xbox 360 owner are dam lucky especially PP and POG, they both don't need to spend that much so I think they will have way more money than me this year xd
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va_bank  +   2480d ago
I would also like to hear some release dates.
ITs about time for them to show off what they got
maverick1191  +   2480d ago
lol its funny watching foxgod owning himself and being people owning him i could watch it all day
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TwistedMetal  +   2480d ago
It will be judgment day and all those x360 owners
who disrespected me, my fellow ps3 brotheres, developers and sony are gonna pay dearly. you dont back stab a playstation system and leave it left for dead on the grown. x360 owners should have finished sony when they had the chance. its to late now though sony is pissed and back bigger and stronger than ever before. Time for the payback because we want to return the faavor.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2480d ago
Keep it in the open zone dude! That has no place here.
darkpower  +   2480d ago
LOTS of uses of the word EPIC in this!

As if they know something we don't.
phreaky  +   2480d ago
Epic... what a bizarre word... in actual fact, it dates back to a particular game release last year. All the PR was about epic this and epic that. We picked it up and ran with it...

Plus, it was to wind up one of the other writers. ;)

As for anything we know but cant say in regards to E3? shucks... no comment ;)
trancefreak  +   2480d ago
It's exciting being a playstation owner.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2480d ago
I would have to agree that a price cut will come around E3.

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